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9/03/2007 5:28pm,
LOL!! newbie town, thats cute.
though you really scared me with the "Alundra READ ME" threads. Thats a good one.

My name is jade and im australian, but im living in the USA.
ill move back to australia in 2 years, and find another karate dojo...or just join my old one again lol
i miss karate, i loved it so much, id join a dojo here, but american karate isnt the same...its shorter and not as hard. i cant deal with that lol

anyway, i own my own self centered website and forum (latter is kinda borked by a hacker)

lol i laughed all the way through the rules. ima like it here :P

9/03/2007 5:29pm,
BULL RUSH ON Alundra!!!

9/03/2007 5:34pm,
...dont make me bust out and fly at you with my legs kicking :P
you wouldnt want that their lethal ;)

in sorte diabol
9/03/2007 5:46pm,
greetings.welcome to the states.what style of karate did you take?if you want a good work out look for a good mma school.cheers.

9/03/2007 5:50pm,
im not sure what style it was actually :S
ill ask my dad when i call him tonight, cause i just took the class and loved it

is there one of those schools in georgia? i think i'll try some street fighting here, i enjoyed the classes i took in australia so it could be fun :D

9/03/2007 5:58pm,
*Smacks head*

9/03/2007 6:01pm,
*Smacks head*
lol...what did i say?

9/03/2007 6:02pm,
lol...what did i say?

Nothing, this is Newbietown, your a Noob, and that's my way of saying "Hi"

9/03/2007 6:04pm,
you will give yourself brain damage :P

9/03/2007 6:04pm,
When you say "Streetfighting", was that what it was called? Streetfighting?
What kind of things did they teach you?
What were the classes like?

9/03/2007 6:13pm,
yeah thats what it was called.
it was on the pamphlet.

they taught us to be aware of where we were, and what to do if people attacked us in different ways. they told us we had to scream and scream because we had to alert someone lol
then they told us to put our car keys in between our middle fingers, and we could punch with that lol (i didnt have car keys)
but they said not to use it for anywhere other than arms or legs, unless we were slicing :S

we went through different exercises, i was banned from screaming, kicking and opening my mouth at all lol (i was LOUD when i screamed, and the first time everyone dropped to the floor lol, i found it funny). i was banned from using my father as a punching bag, and no one else wanted me to be their partner after i flipped the instructor over my back and onto the mat. he said i was a first, i wasnt afraid of him, and id already learnt that move, so it was easy for me lol. i took two sessions. we talked about street safety the first one, the second we did some stuff. i wish i could have gone back, it was so much fun lol.

that was like um....3-4 years ago lol

9/03/2007 6:15pm,
oh the classes...lol they were great, they were large and full of people
you could be selective over your victim ;)

9/03/2007 6:18pm,
You're blonde right?

9/03/2007 6:23pm,
You're blonde right?

...waits for answer...

9/03/2007 6:29pm,
You're blonde right?
lemme check...


nope....still cant tell for sure...how about an old photo?


nope...still not sure if im blonde or not...better let me know lol

9/03/2007 6:34pm,
you're a dirty blonde