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9/01/2007 7:56pm,
I figured I'd best introduce myself. I've been trainig in taekwondo for three years and jujitsu for a year. I'm going to university soon and I'm looking to drop taekwondo in favor of a more practical style such as kyokushin karate.

9/01/2007 7:57pm,
Welcome to Bullshido, the best Martial Arts forum on the entire Internet, TheGreyVoid. Seriously, you won't regret your choice to join us. We're a great bunch of folks, except for Hannibal. And Sirc. And TaiGip. And MMA Kid. And... well, you get the point.

9/01/2007 8:11pm,
sounds like you have a decent head on your shoulders.

welcome aboard...

9/02/2007 8:31am,
pitty you wasted 3 years of your life studieng dancing , but as your about to drop that i would say it isnt to late . (welcome )

9/02/2007 8:36am,
I wouldn't say it was wasted, I've never been fitter, I'm much more flexible, I have learnt some useful techniques and I've had a lot of fun with the competitions.