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8/31/2007 8:32pm,
Pair in fight with martial arts weapons

Two men involved in a pre-planned fight with martial arts weapons have been warned they face jail.
Vincent Discombe, 20, and Rhys Watford, 20, were two of the youths who gathered in a park to inflict violence upon each other last April.

During the fracas in Princes Park, one man was hurt and spent two days in hospital.

Discombe, of Kinfauns Avenue, and Watford, of Churchdale Road, both admitted causing an affray when they appeared at Lewes Crown Court.

The court heard the pre-arranged fight took place on the night of April 7 last year.

Rajesh Pabary, prosecuting, said the injured man, Christopher Clegg, was drinking with friends on Eastbourne Pier when they received a mobile call asking them to attend the fight.

At the park they met up with a group of other men, which included the two defendants.

The court was told one of the men in Mr Clegg's group tried to grab hold of a wooden sword held by

This sparked retaliation by Discombe who thought Watford was in trouble so hit Mr Clegg over the head with a pair of nunchuckers.

Mr Pabary said Mr Clegg fell to the ground where Discombe continued to hit him around the upper body while Watford hit him in the abdomen with the wooden sword.

Mr Clegg was later taken to hospital where he was kept in for treatment for two days. He suffered a cut to his head which needed stitching as well as an injury to his wrist.

The court heard both men, who have no previous convictions, claim they went to the park for a social gathering when a girl sparked off a fight.

Judge Richard Brown adjourned the case for a pre-sentence report and told Discombe and Watford that all sentencing options would be considered, including custody.

He said, "Violence of this nature in a public place is a serious matter."

They were both bailed until October 8.