View Full Version : Savate Knife - Like a beefy CS Desperado

8/31/2007 2:49pm,
Check this out, folks. I want one!




$400.00-Blade( 440C Stainless steel with a Bead Blast finish along with the Guild Logo and Numbered. as well as file work decoration) Handle comes in different forms- aoudad horn, mouflon horn, corsican horn or others.


Training Herensuge Blade- $55.00

bad credit
8/31/2007 4:42pm,
Meh, I don't like a curved point, espicially one that curved, it wouldn't be very good for a thrust. This one looked better; http://www.savatedansederue.com/knife%20fighting%20Savate.htm

Carpe Noctem
9/01/2007 12:15am,
Four bills for THAT thing? I don't know about that, and I'm all up for custom stuff. The design just doesn't work for me, I guess.

9/01/2007 1:13am,
I'm looking for it anywhere else besides that site. I just want to see how they use it.

9/01/2007 5:35pm,
For the love of god please fix the size of your images!

Also isn't 440C stainless steel the same stuff they use to make wall hangers? It does not look like this guy is using very good steel.


9/02/2007 12:06am,
440 is pretty common for knives.

9/02/2007 3:12am,
440 is pretty common for knives.

But this guy is charging 400 dollars for his.

9/02/2007 4:09am,
Eh, I'm not inclined to spend $400 on a knife. Mostly, because anything I have has to be attached to my IBAS (except a folding pocketknife), and that would be a pain in the ass. I'll spend fifty at MCCS to get a proper KBar.

Carpe Noctem
9/03/2007 12:11pm,
There are different grades of 440. 440C is decent steel. Very popular in custom knives (even users) during the 80's. 440B is the stainless Randall Knives uses for their stainless models. Not as high carbon content, I believe. 440A was found in a lot of production folding knives.

The darling steels nowadays are S30V and stuff like CPM 154 (as opposed to 154CM). S30V was formulated specifically as a cutlery-grade steel.

Yeah, I'm a knife geek. And I do carry stuff that expensive "in country". I don't really mind everyone else's **** going dull, though. I just sharpen theirs back up (for a price...)