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8/30/2007 11:03am,


San Francisco
Upon our return we were greeted with the news that long time hfy practitioner Sifu Milton Wallace is scheduled to participate in an upcoming UFC fight. Milton has been training very hard for this and we all knew it was only a matter of time before he showed up on their radar so congratulations to Sifu Wallace we will all be watching to see his rise in the ranks of the UFC. At the same time many of GM Gee's underground students have expressed to him a desire to go public and fight in local events as well as large publicised events such as UFC. This being the case at the request of some of his older long time students Sifu Gee is currently contemplating moving his classes to a more well known location of the city were organized but less publicised streets fights occur on a more frequent basis.

-Sifu Miltons personal letter to Garrett Gee his old Master

-Milton Wallace thanks Sifu Garrett Gee

Hello Grand Master Gee (Sifu):

This Milton Wallace, and I wanted to congratulate you on becoming Grand Master. I will always be your student, and I wish we were closer. I live in Pleasanton now, and I have been doing some very good things. I'm not sure if the news has got to Hung Fa Yi, but I have been fighting MMA fighters. I have won all of my fights, and many MMA fighters are wondering who taught me how to fight. I tell them all that Hung Fa Yi is the foundation of my martial arts experience. In fact, I always give all the credit to you Grand Master. My success in the ring has a lot to do with everything you taught me, and Wing Chun makes learning other arts easier. I am also a certified UFC referee. I work for the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose. Many of the people sending me threats on the Internet know exactly where to find me, but they don't show up to fight when they get there. I have quickly learned that there are many evil and irresponsible people abusing martial arts too because they lack the true wisdom taught to all martial artist. I have tried to live a peaceful life as a Kung Fu man, but my peace is often interrupted by people wanting to challenge me. I have fought and beat everyone they have put into the ring with me. Most of my fights have only lasted less than 3 rounds. Although I did not finish your system, I have still been able to handle these fighters with ease. All of the theories you taught me were permanently planted into my brain, and I have continued to train hard almost everyday. I have got into GREAT shape, and I will be fighting at the end of this month in San Jose. Some of these MMA fighters might have tried to contact you trying to find out information about me, and I am quite sure they will continue to research me. One of the guys who is sending threatening emails to me is from the United Kingdom. He would not give his name, but he sends the most hate mail. This guy also claimed to be a "Skin Head" too. Racist radical groups like that can be dangerous, and I doubt if this guy is a real martial artist. If he is real, he better be very good. I promise to punch a hole in him if he ever faces me in the ring. I don't like the way he has been so disrespectful to me as a member of Hung Fa Yi too. I'm not looking for trouble, but if trouble finds me, I will defend the art. I want to be a defender of the art because I have trained very hard to be a fighter. The knowledge that you have given me has give me very good fighting skills, and I want to visit you soon. I want to learn more from you, but I need to train a little differently than people who are not fighting. I want to eventually learn the entire system, but I really need to train for fighting in the ring/cage. I never learned your anti-grappling , so I have been using the Jujitsu I learned at American Kickboxing Academy. No fighter has been able to take me down to the ground yet, but I would like to use some anti-grappling applications. Although I have only had 5 fights, I have got the attention of the entire MMA world. Most of these MMA people are very limited in knowledge, and they lack respect for other martial artist. I will continue to fight these guys, and I will continue to give you credit. Who ever reads this letter should make sure Grand Master Gee gets this message please. I hope everything is going good for the school, and I look forward to seeing you soon. If you ever need me, I will be there immediately. I will not let thugs and punks threaten Hung Fa Yi because we are a proud group. I live a peaceful life, but I am prepared to fight people disrespecting us too. I apologize if you are not happy with me fighting those guys, but they all left me no choice. After my first fight, I had many challengers. Now that number has dropped a lot since I have put 2 people in the hospital. Iron Palm is a great combination with Wing Chun. I am easily breaking bricks with palm, elbow, and finger strikes.I have also received support from many other Kung Fu schools all over the world. They love me fighting those MMA guys, and they want me to win. Even some of the people in Ohio and Arizona from Sifu Benny Meng's schools have contacted me in support of what I am doing. You are my one and only Grand Master, and I owe all my success to you. Thank you. I will visit you next week.

Your student for Life

Milton Wallace

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8/30/2007 11:15am,
Use paragraphs and make sense please.

8/30/2007 11:18am,
Enjoy watching Sifu Milton rise up the UFC ranks

8/30/2007 11:20am,
I call shenanigans.

8/30/2007 11:22am,
Also from the thread:

If Wing Chun is about anything it is about the growth of learning and the process of understanding what it takes for us as individuals to go from nowhere to somewhere. So having spoken with Milton personally yes I believe he like most of us is on a path for growth and advancing mentally physically and spiritually.

I agree that Milty is advancing down a path mentally

8/30/2007 11:27am,
Not sure if i'm the skinhead he mentioned or its shock-uk, i believe he might be mentioning shockuk. I admit Sifu Milton is advancing down a path mentally due to his recent ways. I never made any racist comments towards him and we have sorted it all out now and we are set to spar and train.

Firstly Sifu Milton has sent me a mesage saying you should all give him a second chance, i actually believe he is progressing and is a respectful nice man. Him and red have also come to an agreement about training together as well. We also came to agreement that some of you guys may be holding people back from achieving there true potential and that some of the bullshido members were acting very unprofessional.

Snake Plissken
8/30/2007 11:28am,
1) drink bleachamonia-tini, with Sterno chaser
2) quit posting like you are Milt, unless you are Milt, then kindly repeat "1)"
3) please provide date, time and location of said UFC fight
4) please provide independantly verifiable proof Milt is *signed* with UFC
5) please provide some form of proof a respected elderly gentleman, such as Sifu Garrett Gee (emphasis on SIFU, Milt) would actually appreciate receiving a rambling, grammaticly poor, incoherant, DMXish, unworthy or even YouTube or MySpace message like that?
6) lather, rinse, repeat

8/30/2007 11:28am,
The UFC Promotions lady who helps us book people for my radio show, knows nothing of this Sifu Wallace and upcoming fights.

I think this is "Teh Busted"

8/30/2007 11:37am,
It must be another UFC... Ultimate Fuckers & Cunts? Help me out here.

Snake Plissken
8/30/2007 11:41am,
Even some of the people in Ohio and Arizona from Sifu Benny Meng's schools have contacted me in support of what I am doing. You are my one and only Grand Master, and I owe all my success to you.

Again, for posterity's sake:

Thank you for your email. The name M Wallace doesn't ring any immediate bells. I did a quick check on youtube through google and don't recognize Milt Wallace at all. I know all the HFY Instructors and most of them are my students. I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't belong to our martial arts family.


Sifu Meng

8/30/2007 11:41am,
lol @ Frauds and liars.

8/30/2007 11:44am,
There's no way UFC would sign a contract with any guys who have no MMA record whatsoever these days. Maybe TUF, but no way anything else. There are too many guys with proven track records and entertaining fights under their belt waiting in line to give an unknown such as this guys is a chance.

8/30/2007 11:45am,
man it's so hard to extract meaning from milt's crytograms that I'm not sure if he means he's been in 5 challenge matches, 5 ring fights, etc...and as they are kung fu guys, who knows if they mean "UFC" to mean, "Dana White's Ultimate Fighting Championship" or just "You know that UFC stuff the cage fighting"

8/30/2007 11:47am,
I checked my "Greatest Hockey Fights" video,

He's not on there either.

Maybe I should contact Gary Betteman....:angry2:

8/30/2007 11:52am,
It has all been sorted out, me, Red and Sifu Milton will be training together. Me and Sifu Milton may be even turning up at one of the bullshido tournies.