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Thomas Hoyer Monstery (born: Thomas Hoyer Munster) was a Danish-American fencing and boxing instructor, duelist and mercenary who fought in a number of Central and South American conflicts during the mid-1800s.

Coming into his inheritance at the age of eighteen, Monstery decided to pursue the specialized study of close combat, traveling to England where he studied boxing with William Thompson, better known by his professional name of Bendigo, and then to Hamburg, Germany where he continued his boxing training with an instructor named Liedersdorff. He continued to travel throughout Europe seeking instruction in various forms of fencing, including knife fighting in Spain and Italy.

Moving to South America, he continued to work as a fencing instructor, teaching bayonet fencing to the Cuban Army until he caught Yellow Fever and lost that position. Upon recovering his health he took part in a revolution in Nicaragua and then continued to fight and/or to teach fencing to soldiers in various local conflicts, amassing a considerable fortune. In San Salvador he was given the nickname by which he became known throughout South America, El Rubio Bravo ("the Brave Blonde"). During this period of his life he was reported to have fought numerous duels with sword, knife and pistol.

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Sounds like a great candidate for BAotM.

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Sounds like a great candidate for BAotM.

"BadAss of the Month"? I must have missed a memo ... anyway, consider Colonel Monstery nominated.

Turns out he was one of the first men to have opened combined boxing and fencing schools in the US (San Francisco, Baltimore, NYC and Chicago) and he also appears to have introduced boxing to Mexico.

Oh, this looks good ...

The Sword Prince: The Romantic Life of Colonel Monstery, American Champion-at-Arms by Captain Frederick Whittaker

Originally published in the year 1882, "The Sword Prince" is the stranger-than-fiction biography of Danish-American swordmaster, boxer, duelist and soldier of fortune, Colonel Thomas Hoyer Monstery.

Biographer Frederick Whittaker follows his subject from his boyhood years as a cadet in the Danish Navy, through his education in physical culture and swordsmanship at the great European military academies, and thence into his wild career as a sword-for-hire and adventurer in the USA and in Spanish America.

Colonel Monstery's life was a switchback of soaring victories and crushing defeats, punctuated by duels of honor against a range of desperate adversaries in many exotic locations.

This enhanced re-publication includes fifty sketches and photographs illustrating the life and times of the Sword Prince, supplemented by a new biographical essay and a bibliography.

Colonel Monstery is truly one of America's forgotten heroes of swordsmanship.


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With a name like "Monstery" you pretty much HAVE to be a badass. And if you still have any doubt, check out the beltbuckle/pompadour combo dude is rocking.

he also appears to have introduced boxing to Mexico.

If thats true he should probably get a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the field of badassery.

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mmm... danish...