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8/21/2007 6:46pm,
Taylor Mill police officer teaches mixed martial arts

BY JASON FELDMANN | [email protected]

TAYLOR MILL - Scott O'Brien is honest when describing his mixed martial arts gym.

"I tell everybody that this is a fighting gym," said O'Brien during a recent training session.

Bumps, bruises and the occasional broken nose is "just part of the sport," according to O'Brien, who opened up Taylor Mill-based Miletich Fighting Systems (MFS) of Kentucky in May 2006.

In just over a year, O'Brien, a Taylor Mill police officer, has started up his own fighting team (consisting of six members) and is training another 20-24 students each month.

From strength training to cardiovascular workouts, MFS of Kentucky offers a little bit of everything. Through functional fitness training, students receive intense workouts while mimicking fighting techniques.

For instance, one exercise involves hitting an oversized tire with a sledge hammer -- the same arm motion used for an overhand right punch.

"People have no idea how tough this sport is," said O'Brien, who is also the defensive tactics instructor for the police department SWAT team. "If you don't train hard, when you get into the ring you'll be demolished."

Ethan Gallagher, 18, of Independence, has been training at MFS for three months. He comes three days a week, lifts weights twice a week and runs as much as possible.

"It's a great way to get in a cardiovascular workout. And it's a good form of stress relief," he said, describing the mixed martial arts training as "more intense" than lifting weights.

Mixed martial arts includes the combination of four basic fighting styles, including: Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, jujitsu and wrestling.

The combination offers some of the most intense workouts possible, said Florence resident Jeremy Pender, 20, who has been coming to MFS for eight months. He discovered the gym after doing some on-line research on Pat Miletich, a world champion fighter.

O'Brien met Miletich during a training seminar several years ago. MFS of Kentucky was the second affiliate under Miletich and is the only one in Northern Kentucky.

Four different packages are offered at MFS of Kentucky, including $45 a month for one session a week, $65 a month for two visits, $85 for three visits and $100 for unlimited visits.

Pender is one of six fighters on the MFS team.

"You train your butt off in here, hopefully work harder than the guy you're going to fight," he said. "Ninety-nine percent of the time, the fight is won in here."

To schedule a training session, contact Russ Rowling at (859) 512-1357. For more information, visit online at mfs-kentucky.tripod.com


8/21/2007 9:14pm,
Damn I wanna live in Kentucky.

Vince Tortelli
8/22/2007 5:26pm,
Why can't we get an MFS gym in Misssissippi? WHY WHY WHY WHY?