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TKD Black Belt
8/21/2007 6:42pm,
Does this count as MABS?

Dear MMA enthusiast,

We're sure by now, you have heard about the fighting beverage, Frutaiga. Fans, fighters, schools and MMA organizations are calling Frutaiga’s corporate offices weekly.

I would like to offer you a chance to become a partner with us as well. Frutaiga has done something so unique that it has everyone’s attention.

First: There has NEVER been a product like Frutaiga. The compounds in the beverage are rare and imported under a worldwide trademark into the U.S. from Russia.

These compounds were used secretly with the elite military and elite athletes. The research spans 50 years. The compounds are called Adaptogens and Frutaiga’s international contacts have allowed an extraction process that takes it to a new level. The product lifts the physical and emotional burden of stress off the body and accelerates recovery and performance unlike anything that exists. NO caffeine. NOT a vitamin drink. It is one of a kind.

Second: Frutaiga has decided to move the product into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts very aggressively, using a direct sales model. This allows the fans, fighters, schools and organizations to participate in the profits!

Fans want to be part of the MMA world, and if they can get paid for spreading the word about a product forecasted to do millions in sales, then they are excited. You could gain a serious profit as well.

We are in the VERY early stages of our entry into the MMA market. Frutaiga MMA websites are now being developed. Media exposure is underway, and we already have had Pay-per-View exposure. You will begin to see Frutaiga everywhere in the very near future.

In closing, you should experience Frutaiga. If you are interested in discussing the details of distributing Frutaiga, please call me directly. Our advertising will result in both sales and distributors.

Timing is important as those responses will be “linked” to those already participating. We should at least talk so I can explain the magnitude of what is going to happen in the MMA world.

To your health & success,

Jim Lutes
Frutaiga Inc. 760-448-4974

This crap was in my email inbox when I came home today.


8/21/2007 7:00pm,
oh man that stuff sounds great I can't wait to try frutaiga

8/21/2007 7:39pm,
Try to say "frutaiga" really fast, many times. Fun, ain't it?

8/21/2007 9:12pm,
did you click the link? it probably brings you to a credit card fraud website or something

TKD Black Belt
8/21/2007 11:52pm,
Oh no. The link is the real magic here!


8/22/2007 12:13am,
Having always been a fan of vitamins, I don't doubt that they will help in training and recovery and so forth, but just about everything ever concieved as far as legal performance enhancers can be purchased at GNC.

Let time I checked you can trademark a name or logo, but for "compounds" you need a patent, and as the US and Russia(or Japan or China for that matter) have no patent agreements, that still wouldn't mean much.

Finally... direct marketing!!! This sounds a lot like Herbalife, metabolife, cutco knives... whenever I see the words direct marketing, I just walk the other way(having learned my lesson in highschool).

I mean if were the next Siberian Ginseng or Omega-3 complex you would think that it would be flying off the shelves. They shouldn't need to try to con Dojos and Instructors into pushing the stuff on their students. The only performance enhancers that I know of that need direct marketing... well let's just say the DEA wouldn't really want to see them on a shelf at GNC or your Dojo for that matter.

Uri Shatil
8/22/2007 1:21am,
Huh... is this bullshido... goddamn, I think this is another challenge to the definition of bullshido.

9/08/2007 10:36am,
Perhaps they should advertise to the RBSD market instead. It immediately conjured up Krav Maga training to me.

9/08/2007 11:26am,
Perhaps they should advertise to the RBSD market instead. It immediately conjured up Krav Maga training to me.

Fortelling the future much?

9/08/2007 11:42am,
Fortelling the future much?All through meticulous study of ancient history. I'd be surprised if many people even remember Python.

It could have been worse, though. I mean, this was a direct-marketing email advert. I was expecting a promise for bigger, stronger erections before the end of the pitch.

Maybe it was in the subtext.

Kid Miracleman
9/08/2007 12:23pm,
Holy poop! $45 a bottle?!


9/08/2007 12:39pm,
Holy poop! $45 a bottle?!

http://www.teamfrutaiga.com/retailshop.aspx?ID=flexmartAnd there it is.
The Benefits of Frutaiga:
• Promotes Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction*
• Maintain Optimal Energy and Vitality*
• Fortify The Body Against Stress*
• Dramatically Improve Mental Clarity*
• Enhances Sexual Vitality*
• Frutaiga has a delicious flavor that is refreshingly sweet, slightly tart, and can be enjoyed by the entire family.
• Our active ingredient blend contains more than 70 active compounds that have a positive influence on health!If it enhances sexual vitality, I don't really want my kids drinking it.

9/08/2007 12:46pm,
Promotes Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction*

The weight loss will primarily be from the removal of the cellulite (dollars) from your wallet.

9/08/2007 1:51pm,
The website is rife with typical miracle product bullshido.

Frutaiga is part of the explosive new nutritional supplement category known as a Functional Food Beverage. However, Frutaiga stands alone as the Ultimate Guaranteed Potency Beverage™.
Frutaiga is NOT a "Juiced-Fruit" beverage!
What does it mean to be a Guaranteed Potency Beverage™?
This is what puts Frutaiga in a class of its own!
A Guaranteed Potency Beverage starts with known amounts of proven, standardized, guaranteed health-enhancing extracts. These beneficial extracts are then optimized for absorption through Frutaiga's proprietary juice-delivery-system.

What is a Juice-Delivery-System?
Frutaiga's Juice-Delivery-System is a specifically formulated blend containing a precise mixture of fruit juices, purified water and "natural essence" flavors. Our Juice-Delivery-System is the "vehicle" that helps Frutaiga deliver all the wonderful health benefits of its exclusive ingredient, Rosalean™ into your body and makes Frutaiga taste GREAT!That "juice delivery system" might just be a bargain at $45 a pop. Most proprietors charge at least $50 for that kind of flavor enhancement.

9/08/2007 2:36pm,
That "juice delivery system" might just be a bargain at $45 a pop.

I know of a "alcohol delivery system" that's worth 200 dollars a bottle.


9/08/2007 2:57pm,
frutagia... the delicious drink brewed by MMA hippies....

but distributed by a heartless MMA corporation.