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Don Gwinn
8/19/2007 12:28am,
With all the talk about bringing the respect back to boxing . . . . I thought I'd watch Saturday Night Live tonight when I got home, but apparently it's been cancelled or something, because NBC was showing "WWE Saturday Night."

It was surreal enough when one of the announcers said it was unusual for John Cena to climb the ropes because "he's usually a ground-and-pound specialist."

But then out comes Evander Holyfield to do a very awkward worked boxing match with somebody named Hardy. WTF? Is he nuts? Holyfield had some heel called "MVP" in his corner in what I can only describe as a highly flamboyant hybrid of a rashguard and a wetsuit, plus a Mister T Starter Set (TM). After Holyfield did some REALLY bad fake boxing, barely touching Hardy and with Hardy not really knowing when to react to a punch, they had Hardy fall down and get saved by the first-round bell. In the next round, "MVP" berated Holyfield for something, so Holyfield "hit" him and KTFO. Then he hugged Hardy in a touching display of the respect and homosexual love of one warrior for another and stormed out of the arena.

All in all, the whole thing was entirely and unequivocally boring and pointless. It looked nothing like any kind of boxing you could imagine, and no explanation was given for why this doofus pro rassler was facing a legitimate heavyweight champion of the world.

Is Holyfield that broke? I thought he handled his money well and was one of the few ex-champs with no money problems. Does he imagine there will be publicity from this that will help him get all those title shots?
I mean, I thought Holyfield said he still wants to hold the unified title one more time. How will participating in works on WWE broadcasts help him do that?

8/19/2007 5:16am,
Probably just the (extra) money. I remember when Buster Douglas was on the WWF's Saturday Night's Main Event a week or two after he beat Tyson.

8/20/2007 10:53am,
Yes, it's probably the extra money. Besides, it seems like a bid to generate publicity for his next run at the heavyweight title.

8/20/2007 11:13am,
I remember a while back butterbean did something similar, but he fought for like 45 seconds before ktfo whom ever he was fighting. I can only imagine that the money they pay is worth the 10 minutes of "work" for these guys.

8/20/2007 11:19am,
I do a local wrestling show in Memphis and the reasons are all pretty simple. Holyfield is planning on fighting again, WWE is in a ratings funk and hoped this might have somewhat the same effect as Tyson did back in 98. They didnt think whatsoever it would be that big. Hardy is someone they want to build around. Also the event is on NBC so it was another way for the WWE to get NBC to air the show as the last 2 have not been big rating getters.

It wasnt good, but there wasnt a good way to do this since Hardy is a good guy and so is Holyfield. I actually interviewed Matt on friday and it will air this Wednesday at about 9cst. Ironically we talk MMA from 8-8:40 CST so tune in at www.730ESPN.com

8/20/2007 11:28am,
Money + publicity for a real fight sound like good reasons to me.

Also, SNME is a monthly (or so) program. SNL hasn't been cancelled.

The fight with Butterbean, nearly ten years ago, and the "brawl for it all" that led up to actually wasn't a work, and led to lots of injuries and people dropping out of it, which is why the WWF (now WWE) never did anything like it again. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brawl_For_All)

8/20/2007 11:43am,
Holyfield has ALOT of child support checks to write.

Uri Shatil
8/20/2007 12:39pm,
See, this is the kind of thing that upsets me. Specifically in regard to amateur wrestlers, but I guess boxing, too. There's a simple reason that real amateur wrestlers- such as Kurt Angel- and apparently boxers, too, join professional wrestling promotions; real wrestling doesn't pay the bills. And I guess boxers have trouble, too. But it's just so sad. Unbelievable.

Nathan McScary
8/20/2007 1:17pm,
I thought that it was a good spot personally.

Holyfield did it to hype his next comeback. WWE and boxing have similar demographics, so they cross promote every now and then. As mentioned earlier, Butterbean has done several spots with the WWE (one a brutal shoot boxing match). Tyson even was a ref at wrestlemania about ten years ago.

Nathan McScary
8/20/2007 1:30pm,
See, this is the kind of thing that upsets me. Specifically in regard to amateur wrestlers, but I guess boxing, too. There's a simple reason that real amateur wrestlers- such as Kurt Angel- and apparently boxers, too, join professional wrestling promotions; real wrestling doesn't pay the bills. And I guess boxers have trouble, too. But it's just so sad. Unbelievable.

Professional boxers who've "made it" are not exactly hurting for money. Most amature wrestlers make the transition to professional wrestling because they like the entertainment and the fame of it. Angle could have easily become a high-paid wrestling coach or transitioned to mma, but he just loves being a sports entertainer too much. WWE even fired him because he was so injured and wouldn't take it easy in the ring. Rather than taking time off or transitioning to a different career, he jumped to TNA wrestling as soon as he could. Like it or hate it, professional wrestlers work their asses off in the ring.

Nobody is forcing these poor accomplished athletes to become sports entertainers. They do it because they want to, and unlike boxing and amature wrestling it's steady employment. There is no reason to feel sad for them.

8/20/2007 2:01pm,
It's a good thing I read this thread. I was going to catch a rerun as I thought Holyfield's fight might be like the aforementioned Brawl for All. I still remember the finals with Butterbean and how Bart Gunn was crushed. Now I won't bother.


Don Gwinn
8/20/2007 3:41pm,
MMA hasn't been one consistent thing for any three consecutive years since 1993. Angle could have gotten into MMA, but by the time he was ready to go, MMA looked like it was on its last legs and rasslin' was huge. I was in college from 1996-2000 and when I wanted to watch MMA I was more or less on my own. But you could walk down the hall and not miss the pro rasslin' shows because everyone was watching the same thing with the door open. Angle went where the money and fame were.

I don't know that he would have made it big in MMA (on paper, he looks that way) but I don't really blame him for going the WWF route. It's not what I would like to watch him do, but a lot of people did want to watch it and were willing to pay out the nose.

However, I guess I underestimated how much Holyfield might need the money. I always thought Holyfield had **** You cash on hand.

8/20/2007 4:02pm,
Did Angle stay in wrestling because he doesn't like getting punched in the face a whole bunch?
He could get the money now...I'm not sure he has the background or inclination to adjust to full contact fighting.

Watching Holyfield fight James Tony was a slightly depressing thing for me... All Evander seemed to do was lead with his head (more than normal) and get hit a lot. I hope he can get some
$ in WWE.

8/21/2007 7:06am,
Angle has serious neck issues so theres no way he could do MMA, he actually shouldnt even be doing wrestling. He is trying to bring in Brock LEsner from EliteXC because there is more money to be made in wrestling

8/21/2007 7:12am,
ah, I see...why then, is Angle said to have dissed chuck liddell...was that because there's no way he could be sanctioned to fight him ever because of the neck thing???

8/21/2007 8:16am,
because hype=money.