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9/25/2003 9:36am,
Ex-Van Halen frontman knocks himself out of tour

David Lee Roth has cancelled the rest of his US tour after injuring himself performing "a very fast, complicated 15th-century samurai move" during a recent performance.

The former Van Halen frontman, who is known for his athleticism, was performing a gig in Philadelphia when he cracked his face with a long piece of wood.

"It was an incident onstage where he was doing a kung fu manouvere and he got hit with a staff that he uses," Roth's spokesman Todd Brodginski said.

The 47-year-old singer needed 21 stitches on his face because of the accident in Philadelphia.

He has called off seven dates of the tour of clubs and theaters because of the injury. Two dates had been cancelled because of Hurricane Isabel.

Roth has said in a statement he is finding it hard to sing and dance with the injury, but that the dates may be rescheduled next year.

Mr Brodginski said sales were strong on the tour before the injury.


9/25/2003 9:39am,
****, just saw that this was already reported. Sorry.

9/25/2003 10:04am,
****, 21 stitches !

I always laugh though when I see him doing his Kwondo.

"Oh you bastard, I fucking hate pikeys!" - Georgeous George

9/25/2003 10:34am,
I always envied his flexibility.

Stay in your center.
R. Masters

10/22/2003 11:41pm,
It would have been great to have actually seen that!

He would have been rocking out an old Van Halen hit, and then WHAM! He just would have fallen over, and would have been bleeding and everything...

Nothing against Roth, it's just that's some funny stuff.

10/23/2003 1:05pm,
Who says natural selection doesn't exist?

10/23/2003 5:00pm,
Only ignorant/stupid people?

Or was that rhetorical?

10/27/2003 2:57am,
The only way he can really out do that performance is to actually win a darwin award...