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8/17/2007 2:20pm,
I'm being a noob and wanted to get more info on my a guy I trained under for a while, after about half a year I went to school and continued to train under a student of his who is the same age as me and recieved a black belt from him. I am satisfied with the training I recieved as it was in dynamic and positive, he presents himself well and often talked about the kind of places around that where "bullshido". He's a nice guy who works his student appropriately had and isn't very big on tradition (almost never whore a gi or required it for the class only strongly recomended having one) But his site and his backround bother me a little, if anyone knows him and can give me more information that would be great. He told me a bit about who trained him but I don't recall anything other than him saying he trianed under Bruce Juchnik, which he emphasized that lineage of training.

I have read up on Juchnik's Kosho Ryu Kempo on the site doing some lurking and I was never satisfied with those stories and less sastified with them after reading up on it. His name is Scott Kneeland, he's a really nice guy and an obviously dedicated Martial Artist I'm just curious if anyone knows any resource to find out more information about him. To clarify I was not dissatisfied with his training he presented himself and his class very well. I trained in Tang Soo Do prior to training under Scott and what I really enjoyed about training with him is he made a point of individual training and emphized developing a personal style throughout training. Making a point that not everyone will strike the same or be able to cary themselves in the same stances and this made me understand this (as well as common prinicibles of motions) as root of style.

Here is his site http://www.cromwellkarate.com/sensei/


8/17/2007 2:21pm,
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