View Full Version : Game of Death Mockumentary

8/15/2007 2:06pm,
I just was seeing a new movie by the director of "Better Luck Tomorrow" being released in October, called "Finishing the Game", about the casting for a replacement for Bruce Lee in the "Game of Death"


It's probably nothing earth shattering, more like, Lin thought "here's something I can do with all my film school/Asian student union buddies", but hey, it looks like fun.

Frank White
8/15/2007 2:26pm,
I'll check it out. The guy smoking while lifting weights reminds me of Filipinos that smoke while practicing escrima. Like you said, looks fun.

8/15/2007 4:48pm,
phss...if you think thats something, ive smoked and drank a beer or two during practise.
Hell, i show up drunk most of the time, especially when i have to teach kidsclasses.
The alcohol allows me to be more chilled out with the kids and provides me with courage to chat up the momz.

bad credit
8/15/2007 7:14pm,
Check out the clip about it on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwD6Xysbmmg

Heh, I like Bobby Lee's idea for a UFC where you only hit the groin. I had that idea years ago. I called it crotchboxing. Basically, any strike or grab is legal, but only if it targets the groin. Now, so fights don't turn into stalemates of groin defense, you can assault other areas of the body, but only if it's in a combo that has at least one groin attack in it. For example; you can go for a takedown, get a pin, throw a couple of punches to the face to raise the guard, then punch the nuts. Unfortunately, I can't get anybody to compete with me. Not even to spar. C'mon, it's the ultimate way to show sports training superiority to 2 deadly types!