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8/12/2007 5:28pm,
normally i dont watch the k-1 HW events but in this one we had a balmoral representative Doug Viney fighting... who came from the reserve fight to win the entire thing, made especially awesome cos he beat that fucking asshole Zamedov who is one the most classless fighters in k-1. Go Balmoral!


8/12/2007 5:56pm,
Haha the other guy made a dickhead out of himself.

8/14/2007 11:27pm,
Wasn't the worst event, wasn't the best. Ariel vs Petr was definitely the best fight I saw. It would have been great to see live though. I heard that some guy yelled out to Bjorn Breggy when he was exiting post-fight "You fucking suck you big bastard!!!" and then he started charging for the bleachers at the guy, and security had to hold him back. Pretty funny IMO.

Fighting Cephalopod
8/17/2007 7:18pm,
Dull fucking event, but it was good that Viney won, 'cos holy **** do I dislike that fucker Zamedov.

8/22/2007 8:19am,
GO VINEY, I have met him a couple of times, very nice guy. Why does everyone hate Zamedov? Whats he done?

[thread Hi-jack]
Hey alex think i saw at the city kick boxing event 4 weeks ago, wasnt sure if it was you so
I didnt say anything.

I havent trained since then cause i got some sort of flue like thing thats F*$%ed me over for the past 3 weeks.

also BJJ comp end of next month (29th) same place. If I am still around after that I might start training Kick boxing at city kick boxing.
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8/22/2007 2:36pm,
yeah i was at the door for that event, eugene roped me into it. did get some free beers though.

Zamedov is just generally a dick from what I can gather, from fans who have met him and the way he acts in the ring and to his opponents. not to mention he got busted for using a shitload of roids after the vegas tournament.