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8/10/2007 2:04pm,
So last evening, I was looking for a drunk as usual right after the bars let out. So I see this one knuckle head fly out from a side street and take off. So I decide to follow my buddy for a while and this guy is doing at least 60 in a 35. So if at the very least, I'm gonna get him for speeding. So I run the car to make sure it's not stolen, etc. I kick on the blues and wait for him to stop.... he speeds up. "Okay," I'm thinking. So on come the sirens. He then starts trying to lose me. I get on my status channel and state my vehicle stop is refusing to stop... At this point, I was like umm, great now what...So my traffic gets pushed to our main channel and I am officially in pursuit. This guy takes me through downtown, next to all the drunks eating their street chow and watching in awe. So it goes on for about fifteen minutes. The district units are coming to aid and we manage to get him contained. So I "extricated" him from the car. Turns out not only was he drunk, but he had a fair amount of cocaine in the car. =-) I was surprised they let me do the chase. Normally we only chase for violent felonies, but the watch commander was/is awesome. Any other officers got into a vehicle chase?

8/10/2007 2:19pm,
I was in a security vehcle being escorted to a site at 0400 when we saw a car swerving all over the road, so we called it in to 911 and they requested we follow. so we followed for a few blocks before the person realised we were following them and punched it. we were doing about 115km/h over icey roads in mid-december, that **** was fun.
Drunk tries to lose us and cuts down a few alleys at about 75km/h while i'm relaying our position to officers en route. the drunk leads us to the back of a school and just when we think we've got them boxed in, they bust through a fence and try and cut through the foot-deep-snow covered field. pursuit continues.

we chase through the field and and we're both doing donuts and kicking up wicked rooster tails when our backup finally shows up. the cops jump their cruisers right into the snowy field and we're all now doing donuts in the snow. finally, the drunk straigtens out and busts through another fence. back on the street.

we are one car behind the drunk when we see them badly negotiate a high-speed turn and hit a 4 foot high snowbank. flipped the car right over into the middle of the street.

that **** was awesome.

8/11/2007 12:12am,
Man some people have all the fun

8/11/2007 12:33am,
Holy **** Nieldo! You're the fucking Road Warrior!

8/11/2007 8:26am,
Look at all that jargon!

Actually the first one I've been in is how I earned my nickname.

I saw some guy on a dirtbike (motorized) pull into a gas station. The kind with no lights, turn signals, plates etc. I turned around to tell him to simply walk it home, since I figured he was local. When he saw me coming, he sped off.

Well, it was a rainy night, and he had nobby wheels. So I don't think we ever got above 35 mph even in the straight-a-ways. He kept skidding to his side going around corners. Because of the slow speed pursuit, I had AMPLE time to rubber neck and make sure I was calling out the right street names etc. Watching this dumbass just try to stay upright was actually pretty dreary, and my voice reflected that.

But everyone else figured since I called out a pursuit, that it was a PURSUIT, which conflicted with how composed and bored I sounded over the air. Plus, I think this was within my first 6 months of working.

He finally drove into some woods and got tangled up in vines and stuff.

"What is this guy...from the Borg or something?"

8/11/2007 11:52am,

I think this deserves a little more description :D

bad credit
8/11/2007 12:18pm,
Heh, wanna hear a story from the other side? When I was 17 I was hanging out on Sioux Falls' loop downtown and there was a cop hiding behind a building trying to catch speeders. My "friends" dared me to peel out in front of him and lose him in the back streets. I had a 78' camaro with a souped up 305 and a low end rear end built for off the line acceleration. I lost him doing 80 mph down residential streets. I go to pull onto the highway, and he catches back up to me. I still to this day don't know how he knew where I was. That old Ford paddy wagon kept with me at 135 mph down a county road. I turned off my lights going over a hill so he couldn't see me, then turned them back on to see my corner, slowed down to a 100, then I stood on the brake and threw the wheel over, and I slid sideways down a gravel road. The cop stopped his van, and turned slow, and I lost him over the hills. I came out the other side of that dirt road and the highway patrol were all over me. I gunned it, outran them, and tried the light/hill trick again, but I was going so fast to stay ahead that I couldn't see the corners in time to turn. I knew they had gotten close enough to read my license plate, and that they would just get me the next day, so I said **** it and pulled over.

Turns out the Sufu cops had called the Brandon cops and the HiPo. I was kinda heading for Minnesota on that last road, and I guessed they had blocked it off up ahead. Moral of the story? You might be able to outrun or outdrive the cops, but not the radio. I'm still amazed to this day everytime somebody tries it in Cali. They've got fucking choppers, where the **** do these retards think they're gonna go?

I was 17, so I got a slap on the wrist, and the court system screwed up and lost two of my three charges, and they confused my 200 dollar curfew fine with my 200 dollar criminal fine, thinking they were one and the same, so I saved 200 bucks! I realized what they did and kept my mouth shut. I got charged with reckless driving, eluding police, and 135 in a 55. Eluding is actually a criminal charge, and the other two were traffic court bullshit, and they only ever gave me a criminal court date, so I never got fined for the speeding ticket and the reckless. I've gotten out of 4 traffic tickets since because the cop never showed to testify when I fought it. Always challenge red tape, most of the time the bureaucracy fails to keep track of it's own paperwork.

I was learning FMA for the first time at a TKD class back then. I also had every book by Steven Hayes and was a total Ninja wannabee. It was pretty amusing sitting in the back of a cruiser cuffed, watching the cops hit each other in the legs with my escrima sticks, and choking each other with my kusari fundo on that country road. They gave me the breatalizer twice, couldn't believe I wasn't drunk, and tore my car apart looking for drugs. They opened every crumpled page of my underground comic I was distributing at the High School at the time looking for baggies.

It was the only trouble I got into as a teen. I never drank, or used drugs, or got into any fights big enough for the cops to get called.

8/11/2007 3:03pm,
The liu told me I sounded completely relaxed like I was on vacation rather than a pursuit which is why the captain let me go after him.

By contrast some of our officers sound like they're taking rounds when our radio dispatches them to a call involving a parking violation...