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8/03/2007 11:22pm,
Its the older, gentle, quiet guys I fear the most. Why are they quiet? They have seen a lot. They know their weaknesses really well. They know what they are capable of. They know that NO ONE is invinicible.

In spirit of these guys, and of the "noobs suck", I always found it fun to try initially conceal my experience and training from the members of the new club, especially when they practice a style I am completely unfamiliar with and want to learn whatever little bit of skill they have. Who would you want to teach and share your techniques with? Someone who touts his own horn? Or someone who is very humble, and knows that he or she has a lot to learn? I'll keep this cover until, someone forces me to blow my cover. I play the noob long enough to get the chance to hear everyone out, keep what I like, and weed out the bullshit. In the past, it has helped me "disarm" people in the club, and make new friends. Most people will feel unthreatened will let you into their circle. TKD, crossing over to BBJ or Kung fu, its really easy to hide any semblance of previous experience because the styles are so different. You dismiss whatever lucky shots you get in (like the head kick that made him fall), as flukes. Afterwards, you shake his hand, smile, bow, and hope there are no hard feelings.

Ever walked into a Dojo, or a club, and there will be that one student, who dominates everyone in his style with an air of smug and he knows it? The one dude thinks he's hard stuff with just experience to beat on weaker people, but not enough experience to smell you out? Not knowing your level of training and experience, and feeling threatened by the strange confidence you display he challenges you to a "friendly" match hoping to break you, and maybe impress some girls watching on the side? The same match where he'll so bent proving he's alpha male that he forgot to defend himself in the process, right before you flatten him in front of some girls he's trying to impress? Yeah, I do feel evil in doing it, but boy, does it feel right. It seems like a good idea of play the noob. Its not like I lie to these people. I just say, "NO, I don't know BJJ or Martial Art X, and I have had a little experience in other stuff but I really don't know much (its true, there is no way we can know everything about a martial art)." Or maybe what I am doing is dishonorable, deceptive, cowardly, and paranoid? The head instructors of the group who are badasses can smell my bullshit, but they seem to take it as way of me yielding to them, and being open to learning whatever they teach. Its just that in my experience, too many martial artists are like fishermen, talking about how big their fish is. The noobs who are just learned a little bit of something are notorious for this. Its those older quiet guys that I fear the most.