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8/03/2007 2:36pm,
a guy beats you and he is juicing when he does it---is the win legit? Not a KO or submission, say he wins the decision.

8/03/2007 2:37pm,
BULL RUSH ON blackirish!!!

From Bell2Bell
8/03/2007 2:45pm,
1. Don't juice.

2. Don't make excuses if you lose.

8/03/2007 2:50pm,
It's a legimate question asshole not an excuse. The guy is BETTER than me, however, not by much and he is 11 years my junior so STFU. He was busted hitting the juice and his big thing is his power...wouldn't KO power be enhanced by steroids? I don't know I've never been a big enough pus to juice.

Matt W.
8/03/2007 3:01pm,
If you wanna call people assholes, don't be posting in newbietown where you're "safe".

From Bell2Bell
8/03/2007 3:01pm,
Calm down, I'm not trying to give you a hard time. IMHO using steroids is cheating and it sucks when people cheat, but that doesn't change the fact that if you had trained a little differently you might have won that decision. Don't waste your time wondering if he was juicing or if the loss was legit, just figure out what you need to improve. It doesn't really matter whether it was "legit" it only matters that you use the experience to be a better fighter. The only exception IMHO would be if you were a professional and the loss effected your career and pay check. How can you be sure the guy was juicing anyway?

8/03/2007 3:12pm,
My bad, this is a sensitvie subject with me. I fought briefly as a pro 15 years ago and this kid's uncle beat me and come to find out he was juicing too! It was a 4 rounder ended in a split.
I only found out these guys were and are juicing by accident. I was actually helping the kid train for a fight, his fighter did not show so I hopped in and fought him for some quick cash and an adrenalin rush.
Sorry for being a dick. I'll step out of noob city to call Matt an asshole.