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8/02/2007 7:44am,
I joined this site after reading the multiple posts on frank cucci. I usually try to find the low=key schools to train at as its less bullshit and more "real world combat" style training.
Im looking for a reputable jiu-jitsu/muay thai school in the va beach area. One that doesnt have extensive contracts etc. I'm not in the country much, but want to train when im home (couple months at a time). Any info would be greatly appreciated!--Peace

8/02/2007 7:45am,
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8/02/2007 7:52am,
Voila! BJJ black belt in Virginia Beach.


8/02/2007 8:05am,
ive heard of that school only in name reference, how is it? do you go there? how are the instructors? any contract problems? Thanks

8/02/2007 8:58am,
ive heard of that school only in name reference, how is it? do you go there? how are the instructors? any contract problems? Thanks

I've never actually been to the school, so I don't know about contracts. Instruction is top notch, though. I've been to a couple of Gustavo's seminars. He's a good instructor, laid back and super friendly. I've also seen his students represent themselves well in competition. I'm not sure about his class schedules, but as far as I know he teaches regularly himself. According to the website, he's also got another black belt at the school that teaches regularly. I'd say with two black belts at one school, it'll be hard to go wrong.

8/02/2007 9:05am,
And like you said, there's Frank Cucci's school. That would probably be my choice, but if you're looking for a smaller school, Gustavo's school may be a better option.

8/02/2007 9:22am,
ive never been into the corporate-esque schools as most of the training seems lacking the aggressiveness i want to learn. Im much more likely to entertaain the thought of a smaller school for better instruction. My last school was Wing Chun, taught "unofficially" in basically a warehouse with mats.And that was the best I had ever been to.Thanks Much for the heads up Bro!!!!

8/02/2007 9:33am,
I agree that a huge fancy school doesn't necessarily mean good training. But neither does a shithole. All else being equal, I prefer to train at a clean, well-equipped school. I'm sure both of the schools mentioned in this thread will be clean and well-equipped. And I promise you'll find plenty of aggressiveness at both. Good luck with your training.

8/02/2007 2:46pm,
A guy I train with used to train at Cucci's. He's quite good and had great things to say about the school and grappling program, one nice aspect about their grappling is that judo is a big part of their training.

As a random aside: He's got a slick butterfly->armdrag->back game.