View Full Version : New Sabre Capstun

7/29/2007 8:35pm,
Well.. another use of force today... I'd just like to say this new Sabre brand capstun is really effective. It's twice I've used it recently and it fostered compliance rather quickly.

6 1/2 hours after my incident, my skin is still feeling like it's melting.

The new stuff is water based so it doesn't immolate a suspect when combined with a EID. Anyone else have any experience, opinions, comments with various brands of OC?

7/30/2007 11:10am,
could you expand on what you posted a bit? simply reading what you wrote, it appears you peppersprayed yourself into compliance, which sounds a bit harsh.

7/30/2007 11:45am,
You always get it back on you when trying to handcuff your suspect. Plus the way it sprays in a fog it goes everywhere.