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Deadpan Scientist
9/16/2003 3:11pm,
Well well well...

Take a look at this and know that tkd 0wns you.


aaronboyd2: Or you could quote ME quoting Freaky Friday

9/16/2003 3:44pm,

i guess those 1 in 10,000 odds finally kicked in.

no pun intended...i'm not that smart

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9/16/2003 3:47pm,
That obviously wouldn't have hurt, ***** tag sparring.

9/16/2003 3:52pm,
oh sh-t! what's the story with this clip?

Deadpan Scientist
9/16/2003 3:55pm,
The guy wearing the TKD uniform (V-neck) is a tkd fighter. The other guy is a kyokushin fighter. They had some wierd tkd type rules, but I can't find any concrete info. All I know is kyokushin guy got Taekwond0wned!!

aaronboyd2: Or you could quote ME quoting Freaky Friday

9/16/2003 4:13pm,
So that's what you have to do to make TKD work...
Flying side kick everyone when they aren't expecting it. Next time I'm in a bar, that's the first thing I'll do. They can't get me that way. Who says jumping kicks suck?

9/16/2003 4:28pm,
that looked like it had more of a pushing force than a penetrating force

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9/16/2003 4:41pm,
And these people are actually ***proud*** of this shamefull tactic? Man, if I was I TKD guy, I would certainly not display a video of one of my "Masters" getting owned consistently, and then sucker jump kicking (I like this one) his opponent when he's not ready.

9/16/2003 5:54pm,
"I supoose he shouldve given him a warning?"

Well, the win was an ***obvious*** fluke. Nothing to be proud of.

9/16/2003 5:58pm,
Running up like that for a jumping side kick is a common WTF sparring tatic. Usually you will see guys do it once they hurt the opponent and he is backing away or doesn't notice the fight is suppossed to be going on (like this guy who didn't realize the round started).

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9/16/2003 6:00pm,
It's also a great way to get dropped on your head.

9/16/2003 6:05pm,
That was some shitty form on that flying sidekick, I've seen WWE kicks that looked better.

9/16/2003 6:11pm,
Oh c'mon, you're arguing for the sake of arguing.

9/16/2003 6:12pm,
This is a common TKD tactic. They know that their so called MA is nothing but ballet. So in order to prove themselves they spar other styles, but only under WTF rules. Look at how they lose in any other kind of sparring match up. They get no respect from other martial artists. So they have to have their own tourneies, with their own rules that give them the advantage. They can't even do a decent Chop-Saki movie. I could go on and on about this, and I'm sure others would join with me as well. But it would just take to much time. On a subject that has been discussed to death already. So I say let the TKD stylists have their momement of glory on this one.

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9/16/2003 6:35pm,
you guys don't know nothing.tae kwon do is a very effective art just as seen in this clip. if i was fighting you guys you wouldn't stand a chance against my almighty flurry of kicks. tkd is the best art ever! proof is right in front of you losers

9/16/2003 7:25pm,
Hey, a guy won. Good for him. Though the way he won is such that it prove nothing about superiority of his style over the other. Anyway, that ax kick. Isn't it stupid to do something like that in real fight?