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9/16/2003 10:13am,
How effective do you think hook kicks with the front leg are?

9/16/2003 10:21am,
They are great for getting your ass handed to you.

9/16/2003 10:24am,
Hook kick is a really really really skill dependent kick. If your a badass and you set it up you can definately KO people with a hook kick. But, if your slow or fighting someone who's going to do a takedown no matter what, it's probably only good for getting your ass kicked.

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9/16/2003 10:24am,
When I was younger, I found them very effective. Particulary to the back side while in a closed position.
Now that I am a little older I find my body not wanting to do them. I had a few lower back issues with them and I just don't have the speed I did.

9/16/2003 10:44am,
in point sparring and kickboxing, I used to use them to tie up someone's lead hand. A reverse hook was good against someone charging in with punches.

Overall, I would avoid them in a NHB type fight.

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9/16/2003 10:47am,
I've used 'em, but I'm a freak who loves kicks and can't deal with punches (visual issues), so my kicking arsenal gets a lot more practice than most people's.

Hook kicks are great in a kick boxing situation, I like to scrape the hands away with a hook and either slap a flicky roundhouse in the face or just come down and put elbow against the part of their body that hand had been protecting ^_^

But even my hooks are too slow to be safe against a good shooter.

Fisting Kittens
9/16/2003 10:57am,
my hook kicks are godly. I can use them anywhere and anytime.

9/16/2003 12:23pm,
P.S. As far as point sparring and kickboxing, ask Bill "Superfoot" Wallace how effective they are.

Otherwise, unless, you're Fisting Kittens or Osiris, avoid them in NHB type fight.

Stay in your center.
R. Masters

9/16/2003 1:15pm,
hook kicks a great for shooting in under.

9/16/2003 1:39pm,
It takes time and dedication to build a hook kick into a strong crippling weapon.
There is a counter for everything that you throw out.
I can hit hard, fast and sure with this kick.

9/16/2003 3:12pm,
be careful against agressive/tough opponents i got my ass handed to me in a sparring session by a dude with some boxing experience who outweighed me when i threw a sloppy weak lead hook. If you miss +they keep coming+bad=news. For self defense forget it but for like point sparring or kickboxing(no leg kicks) it's fun to throw out there.

9/16/2003 3:14pm,
damn what i meant to say was missing the kick+opponent that charges=bad news

9/16/2003 3:18pm,
Ive used hook kicks. Ive even knocked someone out with a spinning hook about 7 years ago.

The front leg hook doesnt have too much power unless you train it like a MOTHERFUKKER and you're going to be WIDE open for grappling.

That kick is primarily for point sparring and striking only competitions, I would never reccomend using it in a real situation no matter HOW good you are with it.

That kicks only real target is the back of the head, cheekbone and chin. Kicks LOSE power the higher they go. Usually the higher your leg is the more precarious your balance. A straight right hand is far more effective.

9/16/2003 4:19pm,
Like everyone else said, it depends on how good you are with your hook. I never really liked them because I always felt like my hook kick was really weak and I could never get the range to where I could hit anyone. The choice of targets is fairly limited too, because I never felt like I could inflict enough damage to make a body shot worthwhile, leaving the head and legs as the only targets.

Edit: Another good thing about hook kicks is that they can be tricky. If you chamber a side kick and then throw a hook kick, you could catch someone who was expecting a side kick. However, this is only useful in a ring of some sort, not on the street.

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9/16/2003 9:06pm,
I went through a hook kicking phase once. If there was a hook kicking tournament (only hook kicks allowed), I would have entered. But really, a hook kick can even end a fight if it's thrown right and your opponent doesn't move away or block it, which is a condition that rarely ever happens anyway. To throw it right, it has to be over-telegraphed without bending the knee too much. Bending the knee allows you to snap the kick but if anyone here has tried to snap-kick a heavy bag this way, he/she knows that a slap is more powerful. I think this is true for everyone but let me know if anyone thinks otherwise. Anyways, if it has to be used, you can begin the motion for a roundhouse or a sidekick and go for a hook kick. I found this to be pretty fast and had high scoring chances against certain opponents. But it's hard to make it a powerful kick. See, I think that a kick like this has too little power to make the committment. The consequence can be bad. However, in my experience, I have scored this way a LOT when I sparred at the dojo and with friends. It's pretty effective when you're fooling around. I doubt it would knock anyone out and I don't recommend using it for self-defense. It might be limited to TKD/karate tournaments. I don't think it can be used in a kyokushin match either.

9/17/2003 12:33am,
you wouldn't recommend it for self-defense?!?

no way!!!!

anyways I've meet some people with REALLY REALLY good hook kicks but most trained people know to move out of the way (never been hit with one lol)

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