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7/13/2007 8:19am,
Well I've been lurking here for some time thought I'd finally let people get to know me since I don't have a problem presenting my opinion.

I'm 22, live in missourah, and approve of beer drinking. I'm also an author, mortgage broker, security IT nerd with star wars fantasies and a very amateur stand up comedian. I start college in the fall with a focus on chemistry and prepharm. Been debating the last few months whether or not to switch to journalism.

Now to the stuff you guys will at least PRETEND to care about, when I was 9 I luvered them ninjer turtles and started taking a martial art. Did it for four years until my sensei, TJ Langolis ran off with his step daughter to Florida to do weird white trash crap. (If you know this guy hollar at me he owes my family upwards of 1200 bucks.) Best thing that ever happened to me though because a day in his dojo was 90 minutes kata and rolling through obstacle courses, 20 minutes workout, 10 minutes sparring.

I wrestled for about 6 years from 7th grade to 12th, if you're from Northwest Missourah you might know me as the guy "way too tall for his weight class," or "The skinny guy." In all honesty I pull from this experience more than any other in a "martial" situation.

I start taking Judo this week, but if this school is anything like all the other schools here in town (ATA FTW) I'm going to be disappointed. I really want to train in BJJ but I can't see myself driving an hour to Kansas City several times a week, unless of course this new school really does just leave that bad of a taste in my mouth.

Thats all - I hope I rang the dinner bell loud enough.

7/13/2007 8:20am,
We knew you could do it! conceited posted, YAY! And if a bot is this rude, just imagine harsh this is gonna be. Hope you're wearing a thick gi.

7/13/2007 8:23am,
Judo should not be like ata tkd at all. You should be throwing people, and getting thrown.