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9/09/2003 11:08pm,
They are having a sale, 50 bucks for a single weave Gi.

I thought Omega looked fetching in his Blue Gi during the last WCR McThrowdown, that I've been wanting one for some time.

The sale was too good to pass. I don't know what it is, but today, I was just elevating sweeping my partner left and right. Even got a sub from the bottom while he had side control with a kimura!

Like Brand, I must have been channeling Omega's power through the blue gi.

Talk about luck, Rorion taught the class today as well. That was awesome, he is an exceptional teacher.

http://www.rednoseusa.com I normally don't endorse anyone, but they did an awesome job, got my gi in 2 days.

Deadpan Scientist
9/09/2003 11:17pm,
Don't give away my secrets!!

aaronboyd2: Or you could quote ME quoting Freaky Friday

9/09/2003 11:24pm,
Is it surreal having someone like Rorion Gracie teaching or do you not pay any attention to it ?

9/10/2003 12:44am,
I paid lotsa attention FoM. I'm also their webmaster so I do alot of tallking to Rorion on and off. But this was definately different.

He is a professional teacher, and excellent at what he does.

But you are right, I've seen him 10 years ago in the first UFC, watched all his training GJJ tapes, and here he is teaching.

It was cool. Definately cool.