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9/09/2003 7:21pm,
I have recently begun a friendly debate concearning this topic and would be very interested in ur opinion, so here goes!

Q: Given the choice which do u believe would be the superior warrior,
the one wielding a KungFu type-broadsword or a traditional
Taking into consideration of course that both people are moderately trained in their specific weopon and that each sword is of equal quality make--no body armor...

9/09/2003 7:28pm,
'kung fu type broadsword'

they have broadswords in kungfu ?

9/09/2003 8:07pm,
I'd rather use a claymore longsword because it is longer and heavier.

The broadsword you refer to is Chinese compared to the Japanese curved Katana that is made from better steel and is like a razor blade. Though I have never handled a Chinese broadsword I would have to say that the Katana wielding opponent would have an advantage because a samuri sword is probably the best sword ever made and the samuri were held as such grim warriors.

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9/09/2003 8:13pm,


examples for y'all

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9/09/2003 8:33pm,
It all depends on which sword you know how to use! Let's keep in mind that the chinese broad sword was used by Gingus kahn! He ruled almost a 3rd of the entire planet! It's more about the person then the sword. Think about it give a samuri a dull butter knife and some Mc dojo guy a razor sharp kantana my money would be on the Samuri giving the Mc dojo guy a metal enema! LOL!

9/09/2003 9:29pm,
Well, Rakim, he did kinda specify two opponents of equal skill with their respective weapons.

I'd give it to the Samurai..... just cause I want too.

Personally, I'd much rather see a fight between a Spanish Fencer with rapier and poignard (sorry if I misspelled either) and someone who studied under Musashi with Katana and Wakazashi. Or maybe just a standard fencer against a standard kendoka, whatever.

That would be more fun

9/09/2003 9:29pm,
Katanas are not super-weapons.

They're essentialy giant Razor Blades. And they can and do break. Eh.. I'd say the ultimate sabre.

Claymores are meant to be used to stab with. They're too damn big for slicing, unless I'm grossly mistaken.

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9/10/2003 12:45am,
I'd take a sniper rifle.

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9/10/2003 12:46am,
Hey... I just said what everyone was already thinking.

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9/10/2003 1:05am,
Id beat both of them pansies with my giant schlong. Jesus christ ****, what a lameass question. Next thing youll be asking about a guy with a rapier fighting a guy with a katana. Seriously, if the weapon is such a big factor, why are there so many different types? Cause many things work, there aint no magic katana thatll slice through gun barrels making its wielder invincible. Its like asking, if longer reach alone makes a boxer more likely to succeed over a boxer with shorter reach.

9/10/2003 1:07am,
I'd think the chinese broadsword, just because it seems a lot faster than a katana.

9/10/2003 1:27am,
i think it's a valid and interesting question. Prior to the era of "guns". Swords were the weapon of choice. And different weapons obviously serve different purpose in the ancient days. For example the 9 sectional whip was purely an assassination type of weapon due to it's easy concealment (in the sleeves of assassin).
But going to the Broadsword vs Katana question I would say the Katana is a better weapon, 1. because an average katana (if made the right way) would most likely be better made than an average Broadsword. 2. Katana's are known for it's strength and cutting ability. 3. it is much lighter than your average sword (broadsword especially) 4. because i've studied Eishin Ryu iaijutsu and i'm biased =).

9/10/2003 1:28am,
So, KUYA? what do u think rapier or katana eh?

9/10/2003 1:53am,
SEAEFTEAn whether it be rapier, katana, or broadsword, my giant schlong would still come out on top.

Noodlepower how do you know the average katana is better made than the average chinese broadsword? What do you mean by better? There are many Chinese swords that are made in similar San Mei style construction, as many katana, layering steel isnt a Japanese trademark, ,many cultures layered steel, because of the way steel was made in the past layering was the only way to refine steel to any decency, RC ratings on many Chinese edges are just as high as many katana, etc... So what do you mean by better. Also, Ive heard just as many stories about other swords doing amazing cutting feats, so how do you know katana really have an edge over other swords that can cut through numerous people/animals/things. Ive done test cutting with a number of different style swords, and katanas never rated the highest. But then thats me. Also, how do you know that a katana is lighter than an average Chinese broadsword, and does that really make that much a difference? Compared to the swords I like to play with, katanas are dead-weights, so does that mean these swords are magically superior? What happens if you prefer a heavier sword, there are many historical cases where warriors favored heavier swords, so does that mean they could only fight guys with equally heavy weapons?

9/10/2003 1:55am,
You guys are all a bunch of D&D fags.

9/10/2003 2:00am,
If a guy with a Chinese broadsword and guy with a Japanese katana fought, a Filipino warrior would jump out of the bushes and chop both their heads off with a kampilan.