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9/24/2002 2:57am,
So, I was wandering around a couple of LOTR websites and clicked on a cast bio link for Billy Boyd (he played one of the hobbits -- Pippin).

Guess what?

The guy's a Phase 4 in both JKD and Kali and an accomplished foil fencer.

I find this very cool. Add that to the great fight scenes in the movie itself (I'd love to have a beer with some of the stunt guys) -- in particular anything Legolas does (the elf -- the blond with the bow) and I'm even more stoked about the whole thing.

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9/24/2002 12:16pm,
Legolas's arrows are computer generated. His training with the daggers looked cool.

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9/24/2002 12:51pm,
WB JKD! When's the next movie review?

9/25/2002 11:51pm,
(rays of guilt shoot from JKDChick's head)

Soon! I swear!

"Everyone listen to her. The walking timebomb..." -- USARULES, talking about the author.

9/26/2002 3:02am,
JKD, I remember you said I could help. I might have some time to do that now that I am done with classes. What kind of movies are you looking for in particular? Ones that suck or ones that are cool?

10/06/2002 3:45am,
Well, I just reviewed TNMT by request and I thought I'd do Girlfight next...after that, I don't know, what do you want to do?

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10/06/2002 5:21am,
okay, so you want movies that are either funny or ones unrealistic .. how about .. what's that one with Joe Piscapo and Chuck Norris .. oh, I forget the name .. let me get back to you. n

DCM Fighter
10/06/2002 4:44pm,
Joe Piscapo and Chuck Norris. That movie was called Sidekicks. : ) I have that on video. I used to love it when I was younger,and I can relate to alot of it too. Even though the fight sences are dumb it's still funny I think.

10/07/2002 3:32pm,
There you go thinking about that damn Legolas again.

10/07/2002 8:05pm,
Moviewise, what I'm really looking for are "McDojo" movies: movies that puport to be realistic and are bullshit, or movies that people think are bullshit and turn out to be fairly real.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

10/07/2002 11:16pm,
You should review "only the strong"!
It's the movie about capoeira. It's kinda interesting, most of the fights are crap though, and most capoeira guys dont like it cuase it's not authentic.
Watch the movie and geuss who did the choreography, it'll blow your mind!!

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10/08/2002 4:17am,
Hey, my sifu plays the soundtrack from that during class. When the "Zoom, Zoom" song comes on, newbies are all like "Isn't that from a car commercial?"

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

10/10/2002 8:43pm,
Will you be reviewing "Only The Strong" this month? As for Billy Boyd, I wonder if he'll get the chance to display any of his skills in the next movie?

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