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7/04/2007 1:16pm,
Family kicks out in cancer battle
Exclusive By Victoria Ashford

A FAMILY of kickboxing enthusiasts have shown their determination in the fight against cancer by going head to head with 300 opponents between them over two hours.

Gail Wright, 41 and her husband John, 46 of Willow Crescent, Warminster, fought 120 opponents each, one after the after, for two hours on Sunday at the Phoenix Martial Arts Sponsored Fighting Tournament in Surrey.

John, Eden and Gail in their kickboxing kit

Their seven-year-old daughter Eden, who goes to St George's Catholic Primary School on Woodcock Road, also fought off 60 opponents over an hour.

Mrs Wright said: "It was extremely tough especially because we were wearing all of the sparring protective gear. We were fighting against all manner of opponents, men and women, so it was very tiring and quite a challenge.

"We have got three close friends with very serious cancer right now and my dad died just 15 years ago with pancreatic cancer."

Mr Wright's dad, John Wright Senior has also had three different bouts of cancer throughout his life but is still going strong at the age of 70.

The family and students, Roisin Aspinwall and Rachel Bidgood from the Phoenix Martial Arts classes in Warminster, represented the town in the Surrey event last year, which raised 33,000 in total.

This year the Wright family, who also run Exact Electricals, and the two students, have raised 1,000 on their own and donations, which will be put towards the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign, a hospital for the care of cancer patients, are still coming in.

Their son Max, aged five, was there to cheer them on.

Mrs Wright, who has a 20-year background in fighting, said: "It was really exhilarating. I didn't get any injuries except from a couple of bruises on my legs."

Mrs Wright is an instructor for the Warminster branch of the martial arts group and offers training sessions at Kingdown School in Woodcock Road every Monday and Wednesday evening.

The event included a raffle and chance to win a Porsche for the weekend.

For more information on Phoenix Martial Arts visit www.pmakickboxing.com To donate to the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign visit www.royalmarsden.org/campaign/

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120 a piece and their 7-year old daughter got 60! This must have been quite a workout.

7/05/2007 6:55pm,
When I read the title, I thought it would be the Magomedov family or some people like that, this is pretty lame by comparison. But kudos for doing something for a good cause. One more thing: wtf is with their uniforms with a black sache? Do they have "Black Belt" rank in kickboxing or something?