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7/01/2007 7:08am,
Ok I posted this in the styles forum but I figure I might get better info from thos who have the dirt.

My sister-in-law wants to send my nephew to this school. I am wondering if anyone has ever heard of this style or any advice on the subject. My brother gave me the basic spiel they have on the web site but something just seems off. Any help would be appreciated.


7/01/2007 7:42am,
Never mind, I am going to tell her to keep looking for another school after seeing these clips of their teacher and friends in action.


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7/01/2007 8:05am,
That system isn't good for anybody.

7/01/2007 6:54pm,
The simple answer to the question "what martial art should my kids take up?" is Judo. Judo is an olympic sport, that children can literally pursue all through their lives, Judo has kids training against resisting opponents, and most of all, Judo is fun. Judo is also widely available, and in general reasonably inexpensive.

I originally enrolled my kid in a shitty kenpo school. He used to argue with me about going to Kenpo; he just wasn't having much fun. The Katas, the retarded self defense techniques, the fucking chore charts--no wonder he hated it. He also never once practiced versus any kind of resistance, and couldn't throw/defend a punch after a year of practice.

Judo has been a complete about face. My son can't wait for Judo practice. He *loves* to throw/be thrown, even if he isn't much good at it yet. Newaza practice has him laughing the entire time. Judo is the only activity in which he's been involved that he is dieing to attend.

I don't know what your nephew is like, but I'll ask you this: does he like horsing around, and wrestling with adults and other kids? Frankly, how many boys *don't* like that? If your nephews are like most boys, they'll love Judo--seriously.

7/01/2007 7:08pm,
Thanks for your advice. My brother says that there is a Muay Thai/MMA program in his area that he wants to check out. If that does not work I will be paying for him to go train with Phil Nurse http://www.muaythai-nyc.com/enter.html, and the local PAl for boxing. If he is so inclined, and enjoys the training, I will add Judo or BJJ. I don't want to overwhelm him but I don't want sitting around the house all day long after school as well. He is 8 years old by the way :) got to start them young.

7/01/2007 7:12pm,
From their FAQ section;

"...The training under ShiJiao Crayton consists of conditioning unique to the Huan Shou Jia Style. Kung Fu forms, application techniques, kicking, Chinese Weaponry, Sparring, History, meditation, Yang style Tai chi, and MUAY THAI FIGHTING"

I didn't see any mention of Muay Thai credentials specifically in the head instructors bio. From the looks of it he's a forms champion. I does say that they do sparring, have you come across any actual sparring vids?

7/01/2007 7:58pm,
Well, I talked to a friend of mine and he says that they are well know point fighters. He has trained with them and says they fight hard but it is all BS. He said Crayton was full of himself and swears up and down he can knock someone out with Bak mei hand thingy.

It is really hard to discern if he is Bullshido or not. My friend says he is kung fu brothers with Frank Yee but his student is also Eric Cruz http://www.usakungfuacademy.com/web04/sifu.htm. There is a whole thread on him here.
I was basically told that the kids class or any class is only good for basics and that only last 5 to 6 months.

I used to train Muay Thai and some kung fu but I trust my friend as he is well versed in the BS people in NY or so I hope:)

This is what ultimately chased me away...http://www.imagestation.com/4110950/3961102785

7/01/2007 9:12pm,
The simple answer to the question "what martial art should my kids take up?" is Judo.
That's good advice. They're aren't many martial arts that are practiced on the intermural level at colleges around the country, but Judo is one of 'em.

As has already been mentioned, it is also "alive."

As far as practicle application goes, it lacks any kind of striking and IRL you don't really want to go to the ground if you can avoid it, especiall since your main goal should always be to get the hell outa' there (especially as a kid).

That said a lot of fights do go to the ground, so a strong understanding of the basics of ground fighting and balance on your feat will go a long way.

7/01/2007 10:09pm,
As far as striking goes, unless you really want your kid to compete in MMA (and I don't) you can give him/her all the striking training he/she will need with a pair of focus mits, and some fun drilling on the porch. I teach my son to keep his hands up; I pop him (lightly enough to make him laugh) on the head when his hands drop. We practice jabs, crosses, and hooks, with combos as I call them. My goal is not for him to be in the UFC, but rather to be able to handle himself in 99% of the bullshit schoolyard confrontations he'll ever see. For kids, if you can land 2-4 good shots, and defend yourself from major bombs, you're golden.

As far as Judo goes, it's good for fitness, training is "alive", and we can both do it together, what else do you want? Nothing is more fun than your 6 year old practicing Kesa Gatame on you on the living room floor, with your defense being tickling.

lone wolf
4/19/2008 8:57pm,
You guys have no idea what martial arts is until you try out Looang Foo Pai. I dare anyone to take some classes and try to sparr with them. I have never seen someone who challenged the school and won. This is a school with elite fighters. Like they say, dont judge a book by its cover. Learn and be amazed. Looang Foo Pai is tops.

4/19/2008 9:31pm,
^^ fake and troll.

Kid Miracleman
4/19/2008 11:26pm,
Gah, zombie thread! It wants to eat my brains!

4/19/2008 11:31pm,
i suggest Judo, for a kid.

or sambo.

Simply put, BJJ is not good for kids, kids shouldn't be doing locks and chokes, its bad for their bones, which are still growing.

B.j.j, however, hasn't learned from judo or sambo in this aspect.

Plus, in a realistic fight, if you teach your kid judo, the other kid is going to throw a half thrown punch, which your kkid will be able to block, take him down to the ground and restrain him!

Imagine the look of the fight, from a school or legal standpoint...your kid didn't throw a punch, he merely restrained the kid...

good day for everyone.

plus judo is fun for kids. Just find a good judo school, that doesn't only teach teh SPORT of judo...

4/20/2008 12:59am,
What do you mean by "only the sport"? You're not talking about th3 d34dlT are you?

4/20/2008 1:16am,
What do you mean by "only the sport"? You're not talking about th3 d34dlT are you?

why yes, i believe i am.

Well actually, no. I mean, judo wasn't a sport until the '60s. Its a martial art, and a damn effective one if taught that way...

Gene Lebell, Mark Tripp, all good examples of way judo can be taught for both self-defense and judo competition...

4/20/2008 3:22am,
Sport judo is still better for self defense than most other crap that calls itself self-defence.