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9/23/2002 8:37pm,
For the first time in my life i sparred with a womman today.
A girl came from the U.S. today in our BJJ school, she was a blue belt. We have 2 wommen in the class but they don't sparr with us. But this girl did. I was the first to sparr with her, i was afraid of where to touch or grab especially when she puled me in her guard and i fought without puting any strenght. I know that all this may sound strange...but it was a strange fealing...i mean i didn't wanna lose from a girl and i didn't won't to win...i was afraid i might hurt her. Anyway the 5 minutes pass and noone TAPed and we changed partners.
Now i like to ask anyone who might have similar experience. Maybe your experience will help me in the future.

9/23/2002 8:54pm,
Yeah, I grapple with women all the time. We have a woman's grappling class and I teach the female instructor all the time. I just don't really think about what I touch or grab its nothing personal. Heck my first sparring partner was a woman....my mom. You shouldn't try to muscle anything anyway so it's good for practicing. Tap her if you can, she'll appreciate it in the morning as long as your not being a butt about it.

9/23/2002 9:46pm,
I got stuck wrestling with a woman once. Felt bad because she was hot and my coach just wanted my to stretch her ass out (and not on a Saturday night) to make her realize women don't belong in wrestling.

9/24/2002 1:58am,
I do all standing and rolling with men, so actually it's even strange for me to roll with women.
I have only done it three times, and to be honest, I was even worried about hurting them, or at least seeming very rough.
Some of the guys I roll with outweigh me by 100 pounds or so...women are so light & seem fragile..lol I'm not huge, but strong for my "gender" 5'9, bout 150. I rolled with a woman the other day, only the third time with a female in 7 years...she seemed so light I could just sweep her, take the mount...
So, I backed off & let her work some stuff, let myself get into "situations" so I could work escapes....

Oh, & I didn't really notice her body parts, but I don't normally notice the mens either...lol

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9/24/2002 2:35am,
I have sparred with women a few times .. I am actually teaching a woman some stuff tomorrow. She is preparing for a part in a small college film as a bad girl kickboxer type. :P

I have also sparred or wrestled around with my younger cousins once in a while. I think it is important to try not to use strength and power out. Just work techniques. You want them to learn what to do not that being stronger is cool. (I agree with Michael)

DCM Fighter
9/24/2002 3:30am,
I've grappled with 2 women. One, she's a state champion in judo and submission. She was real good and close to my weight so I liked rolling with her. But there was this one time I went with this girl who was hot and I was nervous about where to grab and worried about brushing up against the wrong place. I felt really strange.

9/24/2002 11:49am,
Thank u gentelmen... and ladies.

9/24/2002 1:01pm,
I like JKDChick's take on sparring/rolling with women: Don't hold back because they might get into a situation someday outside of the training hall where their attacker won't.

9/24/2002 3:23pm,
I usually ask the woman why she joined class. If she says self defense I go at her if she says fitness I hold back.

9/24/2002 6:32pm,
Phrost, that's true too .. after she knows the technique she should have to learn to apply it in a realistic situation

9/25/2002 3:39am,
I help teach a grappling class (We call it "Judo" but it's no-gi sub-wrestling) at my college. I work out with a lot of girls very frequently and as a rule, I pretty much try to apply everything at their same strength level and try to take advantage of mistakes on their part (Not to say there aren't girls that would whip my ass in seconds). It's gotten to the point that I think of submission wrestling in intimate situations as opposed to the... erm... opposite.

9/25/2002 4:10am,
I've sparred with women both in BJJ and kyokushin-style Karate classes. I've got the same feeling as GRECO that I didn't know where to touch them. Fortunately when sparred in the BJJ class, we were both wearing Gi and it gave me at least something to grab with. What I learned from the experience is that they are stronger than what I expected (at least for their weight).

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9/25/2002 4:26am,
That's true they r stronger than they look...but their strenght ain't their main advantage...I was amazed by her flrxibility. Bjj is an M.A. that uses flexibility as a weapon, and a womman is dangerous couse of that.

9/25/2002 6:56pm,
What about gay guys. How do you think they feel. I am serious. I am not gay, but what about someone who is and is still in the closet. I am not homophobic, but hey....????

9/25/2002 9:45pm,
Just dont pop a hard-on wrestling a hot chick, that sucks trust me.

9/25/2002 9:52pm,
xantidote, I totally understand. I kinura'd my g/f during sex.
How do you attracted girls to your club? I just started a Judo Club on campus and we are looking to attract a ton of people. Any ideas?