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9/07/2003 6:51pm,
This is an interview with the founder of World Seido Karate Organization Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, By Christopher Caile: http://www.fightingarts.com/content01/nakamura.shtml

Here's his take on competition. Remember, this is the hero who beat the MT guys in Thailand when he was on the Kyokushin team.

"How many times did you compete, did you compete all Japan tournament, or world tournament?. If you did not compete -- "ahh, you must not be a strong guy." You know, that's ridiculous way of judgment. That's really missing karate-do."

I found the following new information, I never heard this meaning.

"There is an expression in Japanese, "Ichi Geki Hissatsu," meaning, "To kill with one punch" It means not really killing someone else, but killing own ego. That's why important to have good etiquette and show respect. It's not always easy but by doing we control ego. It's important. Make sure your ego is little. Make sure your ego cut. Make sure it not grow. Polish self and help in dojo. Do little things, like helping clean floor after class. This is still part of each one's training. Respect yourself, respect others and make sure dojo clean for people who come later. Help dust off, polish, mirror clean, spotless if possible. Make sure floor no dusty."