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9/07/2003 6:43pm,
Just wondering if it's best to train them seperately like striking one day, grappling the next. Thinking of starting a club here locally, and would appreciate any advice.

deus ex machina
9/07/2003 6:47pm,
Uh, what's your question again?

9/07/2003 7:04pm,
I'm not an expert by any means, but I would start out training separately, and then integrate after a while.

9/07/2003 7:33pm,
For whatever it's worth, from what I've seen, most profighters seem to train them separately.

The reason seems that to make stand-up sparring intense enough to be worthwhile you need safety equipment, headhear and the like. This stuff makes it hard to grapple. When the train to roll, its basically no gear and their just going for position.

I don't know if having separate days in necessary, but for training purposes I think they should be separate. I guess you could integrate both with some form of lighter contact, but then you probably just end up grappling anyway. If you are doing both, full-contact, then IMO you are fighting, not training.

9/07/2003 8:52pm,
In one two hour training session, my MMA team usually does about an hour of striking, half hour on grappling, then a half hour of free-fighting.

Works well, also we're a really new group. Instructor still getting a feel for it and all, so our habbits will likely change with time, but as it stands that seems to be a pretty good format for a new club/team/group/whatever.

Depending upon the experience of the participants though, you may want to vary that up. If everyone's a newb, might just wanna spend an hour striking and an hour grappling, wait to mix it up for a few weeks, give 'em a chance to settle.

My HO.

9/07/2003 11:01pm,
One thing to consider, is that training them together can help teach you to transition from striking to grappling. However, on the whole I think training them separately is better. So maybe do some striking, some grappling, then combine for a little.

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9/07/2003 11:07pm,
The grappling dymanic totally changes when you integrate strikes. **** groin-grabbing and eye-poking: grapplers need to be afraid of people who hit back.

And no, I'm not saying striking is a magic anti-grappling counter. This mainly applies to guard-pulling assholes and the like.

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