View Full Version : i'm smacking ashida kim around and barron sheppard but I can't read sticky posts

6/26/2007 11:11pm,
been spending my time taking down floyd webb and ashida kim and barron sheppard .got them kicked off you-tube over the dan-te footage

6/26/2007 11:18pm,
I see the tablets aren't working then.....

Tom Kagan
6/26/2007 11:18pm,
Moved from MABS. Original title:
"i'm smacking ashida kim around and barron sheppard"


Welcome to Bullshido. You may want to lurk for a while to get a feel for the forums and familiarize yourself with the forum descriptions and stickies before venturing outside of Newbietown.

6/26/2007 11:24pm,
ya cool

6/26/2007 11:27pm,
Yeah, this is too weird for me - Omega, where art thou??