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6/26/2007 2:31pm,
Well I must say this is my first day here, i spent the morning laughing!

I am not new to the arts, I don't claim to be a soke (maybe a jokee, once in a while).

I came here because i was just banned form martial warrior, where i was a mod, things got out of hand, and people have too large of an ego, things were said, i was banned, thank goodness.

i see dave schultz is highly respected here :icon_joke , should have came here first, probally would have never been a member.

so now i am here, i am not sure if i am considered a TMA's person or not, but i have been doing the ma's for 30 years now and love to talk, debate and learn about them.

i will have fun here, you will find me easy going, and i don't mind be harrassed.

Jay Shrewsbury

6/26/2007 2:36pm,
welcome aboard. just a note though, the first forum listed "Martial Arts BS" is our flagship forum for investigation. Please refrain from starting threads of other natures in that forum in the future.

6/26/2007 2:43pm,
welcome to Bullshido, Shrewsbury. what styles have you trained in?