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9/06/2003 6:12pm,
from The N.Y.Post Fri, Sept 5,2003 Page Six:

Sting (former frontman for the band The Police) is admitting that his
tales of superhuman tantric sex were mostly a lot of drunken boasts.
The singer now says he told "sexed up" stories about herculean
lovemaking sessions with wife Trudi Styler to impress Bob Geldof
during an intoxicated night out years back. "I think I mentioned to
Bob I could make love for eight hours. What I didn't say was that this included four hours of begging and then dinner and a movie," he tells England's ITV.

Well, I as might as well go back to karate and give up yoga...

Deadpan Scientist
9/06/2003 7:41pm,
Pat, you should go for girls closer to your age. Try the shuffleboard court.

aaronboyd2: Or you could quote ME quoting Freaky Friday

deus ex machina
9/06/2003 9:38pm,
M...my....my life is over.


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9/07/2003 10:16am,
My dreams... crushed...

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9/07/2003 11:12am,
Every thing you do, I'll be stalking you.

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9/07/2003 8:35pm,
deus and MTC dreamed of having 8 hour sex sessions with Sting?

Uhhh...he's famous and cool and all...but I can't say I see why.

As for the Tantric sex stuff...have any of you actually LOOKED at what most proponents of this claim or describe? It's not sex, it's hours of foreplay and teasing.

Whoooppeee. I discovered tantric sex when I was...16. LOL!


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