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9/23/2002 4:22pm,
Hello everyone,
This is my first time posting so please forgive me any breach of protocol. :) I have a problem on how to classify the above mentioned schools. Upon first inspection it would appear to be a classic Mcdojo, 3 year contract, franchise, guarenteed black belt (TKD), blah, blah, blah. The thing is I went to one school within the francise and it totally sucked, the black belts sucked, the teacher ran through the same routine every day, it was so bad I quit going and started Judo, which I love. About a year later I found that the franchise had a school right near my work, so I decided to go there during lunch because if nothing else, TKD in a good aerobic work out. The thing is the school is awesome, the instructor really cares about the self defense, he shows decent groundwork ( he has BB in several different arts), and make very well rounded routines and fighters, he is the complete opposite of everything that I hated about the other school. Even though I don't like the instructor as a person, he is one hell of an teacher. Many times people ask me, once they found out I'm doing martial arts, were is good place to go. I alway say Judo, but I don't know if I should recommend World because of the wide difference in the quality of instruction at the different schools. Any opinions.....Thanks.

9/23/2002 4:37pm,
Why don't you just tell them what you told us?

9/24/2002 9:11am,
Recommend on a school basis not a name. In other words say "Go to the World Martial Arts on 7th St. but avoid the one on Main St." Also let them know that you presently take Judo and that you are very happy with you school (that should be the first recommendation)

Jeremy M. Talbott