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6/21/2007 11:42pm,
Yeah dead horse i know, but it got me thinking.

Besides, isn't it RBSD sucks month? Or is that gone?


Okay so i know lots of libertarians dont like homeless people. But is it just me, or does he always focus on the black issue. He focussed on the baggy pants and what not.

Now the I-pod is commendable, yeah that kid probably wasn't homeless.

But instead of focussing on apparent concepts of black culture, why not state 'well dressed'?

Does he focus strictly on race?

and this:


Offramp Follies and Other Tales of the Obvious

By Phil Elmore

There are some common confrontations with which you should be familiar when you are out and about. These are a few of the simple pieces of advice I offer to anyone relatively ignorant of self-defense and awareness, when the topic comes up in conversation. Often these are things people simply don't consider. If you're a regular reader of The Martialist, these things shouldn't be news to you. They're worthwhile as reminders, though.


Anyone who drives in urban and suburban areas will, sooner or later, be confronted by one of the more obnoxious manifestations of panhandling -- offramp beggars. I say "obnoxious" because I find it particularly galling that someone would both ask for money and ask in such a way that those inclined to give must put themselves at great physical risk to do so.

Offramp beggars pose a serious risk to those inclined to charity.

You are never in more danger than when seated and belted in your automobile, stopped, with your window down and another human being standing nearby. You have very little mobility and even less leverage sitting in your car.

In Texas, an uproar occurred when a holder of one of the state's then-new CCW permits shot and killed another person in a "traffic dispute." What didn't always make the left-leaning news reports of this example of "gun violence" was the fact that the shooter fired in self-defense. He was sitting in his car when a road-raging fellow traveler reached into his open and window and started striking him repeatedly.

Being struck in the head again and again can result in serious injury, permanent blindness, and even death. The armed citizen knew this and reacted accordingly. Given his relatively helpless nature sitting in the car, his gun was really the only option available to him. This emphasizes just how big a disadvantage you face when sitting while attacked by a standing assailant, especially if your strapped in and going nowhere.

That open car window is a liability when you're stopped.

Now, consider an offramp. If you're trapped at the light at the bottom of the ramp, the beggar has a captive audience. He can approach your vehicle and there's little you can do about it except refuse to roll down your window. Most of the time, this is sufficient to protect you -- but remember, few car windows are brick-proof.

If you think you're going to drive away when a threat appears, forget it -- unless you're keen on trading a mugging for a car accident. You're stopped at that light for a reason. If there aren't cars both in front of and behind you, chances are you'll have to pull into oncoming traffic to drive against the light.

To give that offramp beggar money, you must essentially offer him your throat in complete trust. Reaching through your own car window to hand him a dollar, you are totally vulnerable.

Never give money to panhandlers, especially if you're in your car. It is not worth the risk. You may successfully give money to scores of street people before encountering one who's inclined to do more than quietly take what you volunteer -- but why subject yourself to unnecessary danger? You have family and friends who count on you. Your continued health and well-being is more important than that of someone rude enough to corner people in their cars.

This panhandler was not pleased to see my camera.

The same is true when you are approached outside of your car. Again, never give money to panhandlers. For one thing, at least one of your hands is occupied when you hand something over to someone else. For another, you are telling the panhandler that you have money when you give him some of it. Oh, and please, for the love of all that is holy, do not take out your wallet and start selecting a suitable donation from your available funds. You might as well wear a sign around your neck that says, "Rob me."

The assumption, when dealing with street people, is that the majority of them have mental problems, chemical dependencies, or other issues that make them a potential danger to you. Even if you successfully and peacefully give money to scores of them, sooner or later you will meet one who wants more than you are willing to give.

Many of the hard-luck stories beggars tell you are con games and nothing more. How can you tell? Most of them commit the classic error of offering too much information. The more elaborate the song and dance, the more complicated the backstory justifying the begging, the greater the probability that the whole thing is bogus.


If you're obviously wearing a watch, you have two choices when asked for the time. You can be rude and refuse to give it, or you can comply with the request. The problem is that when approached on the street by a stranger, there is a chance -- not a great one, but a real one nonetheless -- that someone who asks you for the time is trying to distract you in order to assault you. Think about it: when you look at your watch, you typically look down at your arm, making you an easy target.

If someone you don't know comes up to you and asks you for the time, you can easily minimize your risk. Step back casually, away from the stranger, preferably blading your body as you do so. Raise your arm rather than lowering your head, keeping that arm well away from your body and between you and the other person. In this way you can read the time while keeping your guard up.

Practice doing this so it looks casual rather than confrontational. There's no need to drop into your Daniel-san crane stance and fire off a flurry of snap kicks just to tell someone they're late for an appointment.


The answer to this question is no, you don't have a light. You do not, in fact, smoke, even if you do, if someone you don't know wanders up to you on the street and asks you this question. (Now, if you've got a cigarette dangling from your mouth it's going to be harder to deny that you smoke. This scenario assumes that a stranger has approached you and you have given no public indication that you have a source of flame on your person.)

There's simply no way to light another person's cigarette for them on the street without incurring an unacceptable level of risk, unless you're willing to toss someone a lighter or a book of matches. (For you smokers, that's one option. Pick up a handful of those free books of matches people still give away here and there, or buy a box at the store. Carry a couple in your pocket in addition to your lighter. When someone asks you for a light, you can toss them a book of matches (from a safe, casual distance) and even look generous by adding, "Keep it."

Picture standing in front of someone, holding your lighter to that person's cigarette. At least one of your hands -- possibly two, if you're cupping one palm against the wind -- is occupied. You're also giving that stranger a burning cylinder of tobacco with which he can put your eye out, if he's so inclined. (That's why cops will often tell you to put out your cigarette when they speak with you.)


These are just a few examples of scenarios in which you must be extremely careful in today's world. Being mindful of these risks isn't paranoid. It's prudent. It's sad that we must be concerned about such things, but the reality of our world is that you simply can't trust people you do not know. Every one of these scenarios has been used before to victimize someone by playing on the individual's basic decency, his or her desire to help others.

I am not advocating that you envision marauding ninja crouching behind every parking meter or draw down on every Girl Scout who wants to know how long it will be before her bus arrives. You've got to keep things in perspective.

That perspective, however, must include a recognition of the real dangers that exist in contemporary society.

.................................................. .................................................. ...

And he's making a section on terrorism.

Shouldn't that be the armies concern?

It is Fake
6/21/2007 11:57pm,
Jesus called he wants Revelations back.

6/22/2007 1:01am,
I know, it's obvious.

But he practically admits it short of using the N word.

It is Fake
6/22/2007 1:04am,
I'm saying this is old and has been done to death. Everyone here knows he is a closet racist. He's the type that believes if he doesn't say "******" he can't be a racist.

6/22/2007 1:15am,
What about his attempts to address terrorism.

Is that really in the vein of RBSD outside of military and police training?

6/22/2007 2:00am,
So if I say ****** Im a racist?

Busta'rhymes says it like 7 times in his this means war remix, ******

Whats that mean?

6/22/2007 2:05am,
you are giving Phil Elmore more credit than is healthy.
who the hell gives a **** if some dreamer is racist or not, they are still a dreamer regardless.

Phil Elmore believes that we should learn to use Katanas for improved self defense. the RBSD cult of idiocy grows every time he surfaces.

I am all for RBSD, but not at teh expense of logic.

let it go or he has achieved an astral eye gouge on you and you will start seeing him in your BDSM dreams.

6/22/2007 2:50am,

6/22/2007 4:43am,
japanese are worse:http://i14.tinypic.com/54lo4s3.png

6/22/2007 7:34am,
A section on terrorism...

As a scholar of the subject (as part of my international relations/counterterrorism studies themed course) I can't wait to see this. Should be good for a laugh.

6/22/2007 8:17am,
Phil posts on zombiehunters.org

His is building a vehicle for a post-apocalyptic scenario. Which is funny. There will be a lot of homeless people. I think he intends to run them down.

6/22/2007 8:25am,
Phil posts on zombiehunters.org

His is building a vehicle for a post-apocalyptic scenario. Which is funny. There will be a lot of homeless people. I think he intends to run them down.

Well,i'm just saving up a lot of small change,so when im surrounded scaveging for food after the apocalypse and i get surrounded by the homeless i can throw it at them,and escape while they are fighting amongst themselves for the coins!

Also i picked up on reading: Cannibalism,30 Easy and tasty dishes.
You never know when that comes in handy.

6/22/2007 8:27am,
Homeless people have rabies, you know?

6/22/2007 11:28am,
Eat dog food like Mad Max did.

Oh wait....I just mentioned Mel Gibson....

It is Fake
6/22/2007 11:37am,
So if I say ****** Im a racist?

Busta'rhymes says it like 7 times in his this means war remix, ******

Whats that mean?Yes, exactly that's my point. Yes, you of all people are racist.

6/22/2007 11:47am,
I started giving extra change to anyone who asked, even the stock example of a well-dressed man begging for money. Two reasons why. First, sometimes a guy who is well off just needs some change because he's been traveling all day, there's no atm, and he wants a damn pretzel. Anyone who's never been homeless but has to travel the cheap way and occassionally sleep on the Port Authority floor knows this feeling. And my ego is not so fragile that I will be mad at myself for risking potentially getting scammed out of a few quarters in a city where a fucking smoothie is six dollars. Second, **** Phil Elmore.