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6/20/2007 10:09am,
RBSD + Ninja = ?

You need to be at least 12th dan to answer that question. In the old days, less-skilled people would try, only to have their brains explode. (Hatsumi has the scrolls to prove it.)

So while it's RBSD Sucks Month, I thought I'd post up a martial arts comedy some friends and I did senior year of college, entitled "Uimeensu Seefu Defensu", as part of a campus-wide short-film contest ("DVD Fest"). The production values are exceptionally low, as none of us had done this before and we were trying to pass our classes at the same time. But I think the result is still entertaining.

Basic schtick: Parody both self-serious TMAers and gimmicky "self-defense" courses by juxtaposing them.

Plot summary: Ninjas trained in the ancient art of "Uimeensu Seefu Defensu" begin terrorizing campus, perverting this art for evil ends. It's up to a wannabe samurai to stop them! But in order to defeat these ninja, he must learn their art himself!


Note: If you're playing this on a mono setup, you might need to crank the volume for some scenes. Oh yeah...and the bizarre stop motion sequence is a reference to another group's DVD Fest entry from a prior year, entitled "Love by Three Oranges".