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6/14/2007 2:56pm,
Dad can experience the octagon for Father’s Day

father and son Shawn and Corbin Carpenter warm up for Saturday's workshop.
Jun 13 2007

Hey, dads ... you’ve seen it on the UFC, you’ve seen it in Pride, and you’ve seen it on the fight network. Now is the time for you and your child to experience mixed martial arts in a hands-on environment.

So says Warrior’s Realm Kickboxing Academy, which is hosting a special two-hour clinic on Saturday, June 16 for only $10/family. “During this clinic you will be able to get a taste of what it takes to step into the octagon,” says Shawn Carpenter of Warrior’s Realm.

“You will be introduced to a program that is as unique as it is ancient, in that it combines the traditional martial art of Muay Thai with Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, jujitsu, and Brazilian jujitsu. During this seminar you will be given the chance to look deeper into what MMA actually is – not just a fighting sport, but a way to realize your dreams, and goals, and how to begin using the tenets of martial arts to achieve success,” Carpenter said.

“At Warrior’s Realm, we understand the pressures of what it means to be a modern dad, and the impact you have on your kids’ lives. With an emphasis on family, we have found that there is one very important idea (among others) in the martial arts that always holds true: a family that kicks together, sticks together.”

Superior conditioning, striking, clinching, and grappling skills are all utilized in a safe, fun environment geared to the adventurous dad and his kids. “Learn how to protect yourself, and teach your kids to do the same, using the same techniques and methodologies used by professional fighters and instructors,” Carpenter said.

This event runs from 1-3 p.m. and is open to all dads and children, ages six and up. As space is limited, participants are asked to register by Friday, June 15 at 6 p.m. For more information, or to register, call Warrior’s Realm Kickboxing Academy at 703-0092, or visit www.warriorsrealmacademy.com.


I don't know if they did a Mother's day event.