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5/31/2007 9:20am,
The site advertising this e-book does not say who the author is.

You know how pro fighters have full time trainers, coaches and managers? Well, let me share a secret with you. I am one. I train, coach and manage top amateur and pro MMA fighters. And I'm going to let you take a sneak peek into our inner circle. Get ready...read every word of this letter! I have prepared a special report called:

"WIN YOUR MMA FIGHT: 3 Keys To Successful Training, Diet And Preparation For Victory In An MMA Fight."

The site made no mention of who was giving this narration. So I did a whois and found this:

Kundagawa, Yoshi [email protected]
The Do! Team Inc.
1135 Terminal Way
Suite 209
Reno, Nevada 89502
United States
4163525568 Fax -- 4163525568

So I e-mailed the support address [email protected]

who is the author? (is it Yoshi Kundagawa?)

what fighters has he trained?


their response

Hello Henry,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us with your concern. Yes, the book was done by Mr.Kundagawa.


Chris D.
Support Specialist.
my response

Thanks for your reply,
you didn't answer my question though. Which fighters has he trained?



Hello Henry,

Thanks for getting back to us with your concern. At this point we like to keep that information private.


Chris D.

So my question is, who is Yoshi Kundagawa, which fighters has he trained, and what is he trying to hide?

5/31/2007 10:16am,
He looks like a guy that has a high degree of proficiency with the keyboard.

It is Fake
5/31/2007 10:27am,
Interestingly enough:


Going to a local place, a dojo if you will, costs a lot of time and money. Time and money I do not have. What better way to kick some tail than by staying at home and having all the time I need? This is the best way I have ever seen to learn how to master the art of martial combat.

Wow. So, he doesn't have time to train but, he can watch DVDs.

It also links to this website

It is Fake
5/31/2007 10:53am,
Okay a little more.

Here is a website dedicated to his articles that is updated regularly.


He does a lot of "DVD's are great" articles. So, I seriously wonder how he can train a MMA fighter.

Here are some interesting tidbits from his blogs/articles

I'm a brown belt in karate, and I take my black belt grading later this year.

For my students, I want them to know a little bit more about it, and the way that it works.

Unfortunately, his school was too far away for me to attend regularly at least, not without breaking commitments to my own school, where Im an assistant instructor.

Ive been practicing snake style Kung Fu for going on 8 years.

Ba Gua Zhang showed me a better way

Let me share what I have learned about cardio kickboxing with you.

Shaolin kung fu.............After basic combinations are mastered, the student can learn some more advanced Shaolin fundamentals. Grappling and joint locks are great skill sets to learn because they are very practical and often have a huge impact on the outcome of a fight

He has training in other arts but, I can't find any that support MMA.
Unfortunately someone will have to waste their money and buy the book. If it is just about how to train (calisthenics, weights, etc) proper diet, and psychological aspects of the game, it may not be complete bullshido.

Teh El Macho
5/31/2007 11:03am,
Yeah, but how can a person write about what's good physical and psychological training, dieting and stuff for MMA fighter (and make money from it) if he's never trained/compete for MMA nor trained competitive MMA fighters????

Goju - Joe
5/31/2007 11:10am,
Step 1 - write book
Step 2 - ???
step 3 - Profit

Don Gwinn
5/31/2007 11:25am,
It's not really his fault. Our society teaches people that nobody wants to read real books; the big money is in ridiculous wishful thinking. How much money has "The Secret" made?

Still, what a jackass.

5/31/2007 12:12pm,

Yoshi Kundagawa is a freelance journalist covering the martial arts world. Too much time at his computer eating donuts reduced him to couch potato status. He's on a quest to recapture his youth and fitness.

Then this gem:

I treat martial arts somewhat as a sport and as a workout routine, but I'd be lying to you if I didn't think it also had some practical utility as a self defense technique, and a lot of the classes I teach focus on self defense, particularly in teaching classes to women and teenagers, in particular mugger defense and knife defense.

Recently, I've had to give some thought into teaching knife defense. Knife defense and martial arts techniques sort of mix, and sort of don't. When we spar in class, we focus – and we focus a lot – on not hurting one another. Knife defense has to take a different approach.

5/31/2007 12:15pm,
I tried to contact him through various phone numbers, I left voice mail messages on them

The plot thickens.... I did a search for the business address "1135 Terminal Way, Suite 209" and found this gem of a domain:


Registrant Name:Mr. Roper
Registrant Organization:Lucre Unlimited, Inc.
Registrant Street1:1135 Terminal Way, Suite 209
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Reno
Registrant State/Province:Nevada
Registrant Postal Code:89502
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+775.3376006
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+443.6581427
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:[email protected]

the real domain being:


Last, First [email protected]
Lucre Unlimited, Inc.
369 Washington Ave. Ft. Myers, FL 33908
United States
+1.123456789 Fax -- +1.123456789


Roper, Mr. [email protected]
1135 Terminal Way
Suite 209
Reno, Nevada 89502
United States
775-786-5515 Fax -- 443-658-1427

Calling the number I get a voice mail with some woman named "lolita". Left a message.

so I want to ID the fighter pictured below with his hand up.... apparently from Ultimate Cage Wars (http://www.sherdog.com/fightfinder/fightfinder.asp?organization_id=669). Unfortunately most of the figters don't have pictures.

5/31/2007 12:47pm,
So I spoke with Chris De La Rosa on the phone and re-itereated my questions about which fighters yoshi had trained.

He said thaet he was keeping it confidential because he hasn't publicly traind anyone.

He said that they are up and comers that I haven't heard about them.

At one point he said "It's just a $7 book, why is it so important?"

I explained about the investigation and who Bullshido was.

I asked him about the 1135 Terminal Way Suite 209 address and he said he didn't work there, he works in ontario, not reno.

He said he was very impressed with my ability to find this information and he was curious to know how I did it, I him to check out this thread.

He told me that he will be giving my phone # to Yoshi Kungadawa.

It is Fake
5/31/2007 12:49pm,
Yeah, but how can a person write about what's good physical and psychological training, dieting and stuff for MMA fighter (and make money from it) if he's never trained/compete for MMA nor trained competitive MMA fighters????
By making the stupid I'm talking Mixed (as in the Kung fu?karate/TKD) Martial Art debate that rears its ugly head here.

It looks horrible as hell. You know as well as I Fuers will turn a phrase to make a buck.

That is why I quoted his styles, it doesn't support our definition of MMA.

5/31/2007 11:40pm,
Well I received a response from Yoshi Kundagawa.

Henry, my staff will send you a complimentary copy of the ebook to review.

There is a picture on the website of me and our last pro victory, Markhaille "Showtime" Wedderburn at Ultimate Cage Wars at the Middleweight division. One of the amateurs I help train won the North American Lightweight belt in Muay Thai last weekend in Vancouver.

If you like the ebook, let me know.

So Markhaille "Showtime" Wedderburn (http://www.sherdog.com/fightfinder/fightfinder.asp?search=yes&FighterID=21046) is the pro fighter he has trained, his record appears to be 1-1-0 was defeated by arm triangle on march 30th KOTC.

Coming up next the e-book review.

5/31/2007 11:40pm,
So I received a complimentary copy of the “win your mma fight” E-Book. This came 25 page pdf. For the sake of completeness I will break this down page by page.
Page 1. Title
Page 2. About the author. Claims to be “widely considered one of the top mixed martial arts authors on the Internet” says he has competed in grappling tournaments and amateur mma, or as he says “Eastern Canadian mixed martial arts tryouts for major MMA promotions like Apex and King Of The Ring.” (major?)

Page 3: Copyrights & piracy notice.

Page 4: Intro where he promotes his store martialarts3000.com

Page 5: Table of Contents

Ok 20 pages of meat! Actually, page 25 is an advertisement for martialarts3000.com, so 19 pages of meat!

Most of it is dedicated to the preparation for the fight and how to corner a fighter. The most detail is useful things about

Page 6: Here he writes about fight cards and getting signed. He talks about Training camps, and Tito Ortiz, It becomes clear that he has seen the film “7000ft”. He talks about the 5 essential components of training: Strength, Power, Endurance, Technique, Recovery.

Page 7: Core Strength Training: Half of the page is about how MMA isn’t body building, how you should minimize it before your fight to prevent injury. He recommends 5x5 BP, squats, DL, MP, chins, rows. I agree. He tells you to Google search for kettlebells and sign up to his mailing list if you want to buy his up and coming “Core Strength Training For Mixed Martial Artists” ebook.

Page 8: Explosive power: Talks about how to EXPLODE is the way to escape mount. While I agree I think there is a lot more to it than that. He bitches about people who are genetically gifted and complains about having skinny wrists and being out of shape. He explains in detail plyometric box jumps for a third of a page. He mentions doing fancy clap-pushups like on “The ultimate fighter”. The rest of the page is dedicated to Jump squats, which he advocates doing 100 of and doing with a partner on your shoulders (so much for avoiding injury!)

Page 9: Endurance: he talks about how one of his “pro fighters” would drag around a 200 pound sandbag . This page is filled with partial line non-sequitors such as “Now do it ten thousand times”, “Now do it ten thousand times”, “Question; how long is your fight?”, “Are you ready?”, and “Seriously, how is your cardio?” all of wich are separated by full-stops.

Page 10: Bas Ruten MMA workout, wrestle, sprint & climb stairs

Page 11: A circuit where you do lots of “jumping squat high knees like Tito Ortiz does”. On to fighting techniques. Oh, but fighting techniques are beyond the scope of this “special report” (excluding aforementioned tito-ortiz jumpsquathighknee’s). He glosses over cross training and then The most he ever says about game plan here is that “Your game must be well-rounded and well thought out.” Gee thanks.

Page 12: First he says you should be very selective and cautious about sparring partners, then he says you should spar with all the “weekend warriors” off the street you can find. He says that you should work up to sparring with 4 oz gloves on then repeats ad nauseam that “rule #1: no one gets hurt”. He then encourages you to sign up to his mailing list to hear about their upcoming striking instructional. Rest of the page is about recovery

Page 13: You are invited to jot down 5 things you know about your body and how it responds to training and rest in the provided space. Reiteration of rule #1, and how you should dump the spaztastic douchenozle training partner you picked up off the street after reading page 12.

Page 14: He talks about rest and overtraining, then rattles off four lines of stuff about “the harder you train”

Page 15: Be disciplined, dump your girlfriend, don’t do chores, stop watching tv, and use “special goggles that
flash red lights into your eyes and put rhythmic beats into your ears to induce mild
trances and reduce stress”

Page 16-18: Diet: He advocates frequent meals. Cutting weight: he describes how he cut 11 pounds (from 150 to 139) for a grappling competition where he weighed in an hour before the match. He “tore his sauna suit” so he rubbed Vaseline on his torso and taped a garbage bag around himself. He says a week out you should reduce your water intake to 3-4 glasses a day and that that three days out you should reduce your water intake to “ice cubes to handle the thirst”. He said he was up on points when he got caught in the triangle. Page 18 talks about the dangers of cutting weight, a paragraph on Travis Luter, then one that talks about the success of a fighter who successfully used the PROPER cutting technique of not starting to dehydrate until 24 hours before the weigh in.

Page 19: 48 hours out…Now its time to develop the game plan? The plan: don’t surround yourself with “wannabe gangsters blazing all the time”. Checklists.

Page 20: Weigh ins. One paragraph on the importance of bringing photo ID. How to act on the scale.

Page 21: What to do before the fight, I guess this is decent info, but somewhat obvious stuff like: get there early, and bring an iPod.

Page 22: How to corner

Page 22.5: What to do in your fight. OK I made this up, this page doesn’t really exist.

Page 23: How to give post fight interview. More encouragement to sign up for his mailing list.

Page 24: Reflecting upon what you learned. Platitudes abound.

Overall, there is plenty of good information contained within this document, but nothing you couldn’t glom from watching TUF, UFC, or 7000 ft. I really don’t understand how someone whose only actual experience is one amateur grappling competition and preparation for amateur MMA can write an e-book like this. I mean, that’s about how much experience I have for goodness sake!

Did I say e-Book? At 19 pages this is more like an e-pamphlet. Nowhere on the website that promotes this does it indicate its actual length. According to the site it, it has 10 chapters. Since when is a chapter 1.9 pages? Especially with a large amount of full stops, whitespace, and filler.

To make a long story short: It’s garbage.

It is Fake
5/31/2007 11:47pm,
Wow. I figured as much. That's why I said we needed to see a copy. Glad you didn't have to pay.