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8/28/2003 8:18pm,
I'm 5 foot 10, in my class there are alot of 6 footers and taller. When we spar, even though I may be more skilled then them, they destroy me with jabs... I can't get near them. How do I solve this problem?

8/28/2003 9:03pm,
Move into the punch and make sure you hit them hard when you get inside.

8/28/2003 9:34pm,
Stay the hell out of jabbing range.

Crash in, and stay there.

8/28/2003 10:09pm,
You need to build up on your infighting skills. A skilled infighter can handle both a good distance fighter and a grappler. A distance guy will probably lose against a grappler, and obviously, a grappler will go down with another grappler.

8/28/2003 10:48pm,
I would slip a punch and crash into their body with short hooks and knees. Maybe you you have to take a punch to get in. I don't mind taking a few jabs to the forehead to land some hard body shots. I prefer hitting to the body anyway so maybe that advice won't work for you. At 5'7 that is really all I'm really able to hit anyway.

8/28/2003 10:56pm,
If you know the jab is coming, stay just out of range, and intercept as it's coming in, parrying it towards their center just above the elbow, following that parry immediately with a good hit.

If he scoots out too aggressively his body may go shooting out like a champaign cork and go flying into the audience, leaving a gingerbread man-shaped hole in the wall. -- Boyd

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8/29/2003 12:10am,
all good advice.

get out of his 'advantage' range.

use deflections to move his jabs off line. it is important to deflect above the elbow as TaeBo said. if you are not close enough to do this, then your distance is incorrect.

get in close where you have the advantage. use hooks, elbows, and knees as was suggested.

stay long and 'pluck' or hook their jabs to pull them off balance. not easy to time, and requires 'soft' hands. pull them forward and at an angle, into a kick to the thigh or ribs.

make sure if you kick the thigh, that their weight is on that leg, so they cant lift the knee for a counter/block.

if you kick the ribs, make sure their arm is extended and held so that they cannot retract and drop their elbow to counter your kick. immediately after this kick, shoot in with a hard straight punch.

another method is to quickly flank them and get to the rear. block the back of the elbow to prevent rear elbow counters and to stop them from turning.

or, when they go to jab, throw a quick front kick to distract or break their attention. optimally, they will abort the jab and drop a hand to defend. if they do, shoot in to close range and attack.

do yourself a favor and stop looking at their hands. watch their inner joints, elbows and shoulders, and before that, their hips. these will tell you when and how they are going to attack. this will improve your response time.

8/29/2003 12:40am,
We have this really tall guy in group class, from a TKD background. He's pretty strong and learning "real" fighting pretty quick, but once you're in his range, he's toast.

I jam him, come up and in where he can't unload kicks or long arm punches and then just hope I land some body shots before he takes my head off.

****, I hate sparring him.

"Actually, when practiced properly, such and such art causes oceans to rise and cities to fall and the great Pharoh's army to shudder beneath your might." -- Boyd

8/29/2003 1:57am,
I have two different approaches:

1. Infighting. Crouch. Make yourself even shorter. Watch come old Tyson fights. He doesn't have much reach either.

2. DEFENSE. You need to have a real defense. I brought this up with my MT instructor. Same exact problem. I love sparring with this one guy who's about 6' 2" (I'm 5'9") Master Kahm says reach is irrelevant. (he's making a point) He taught me to just keep my hands up and walk on in.

And two techniques that work well for me:

1. Lean back and push kick when he jabs. If your not gloved, don't wait for the jab. Grab the lead hand and pull on it as you lean bakc and kick.

2. Watch his hands very carefully. As soon as he moves, scoot in to the right and fire off your counter.

8/29/2003 2:10am,
Get as close to them as possible and get under their jabbing range, which may mean taking a blow or two on the way.

8/29/2003 2:12am,
Bring a gun.

"Slow down and relax when you do the technique, it's not like you are going to beat me or anything." - Rener Gracie

Needless to say, I slowed down.

8/29/2003 3:30am,
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8/29/2003 5:36am,
anthony why do you always say bring a gun when people ask for advice?

8/29/2003 5:57am,
Develop a sense of distance and good timing-you want to stay just out of range of his punch/kicks when he moves in you crash him by closing the gap(infighting).ALso you need good footwork so that you dont get hit on the way in i.e some kind of offlining movement. And never watch your opponents arm and legs watch his head(use prehiperal vision)-there is a saying in latosa escrima if you watch the stick you get hit by the stick!!
In classical WT we use the ingenious "magnetic zone theory" of GGM Leung Ting. We see ourselves as a magnet at the centre of an imaginary circle. If somebody crosses this safety distance (with evil intent!) represented by the circle, the classically trained WT fighter advances, takes the space the opponent needs to develop his attack and puts him out of action with salvos of chain-punches combined with chasing and penetrating steps.

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8/29/2003 8:46am,
Close the distance and fast .. as soon as he jabs, get low, slip in and start punching.


8/29/2003 8:48am,
Drill boxing skills on evading the jab. Lots of head movement and circling footwork. (See the "Face Punching" post in the General Discussion forum.

You can frustrate the tall guys by continually moving and taunting as well. They will start to get sloppy as they chase you.

Overall strategy is to get inside and stay inside like Tyson. Again, boxers learn how to penetrate as well as hit and run. Good advice in the above posts as well.

Everyone should learn how to box.

I assume you're sparring under rules that prohibit takedowns, grappling, etc. That always sucks. Rules most time will end up favoring heavier, taller opponents, hence the need for weight classes.

Now, go grasshopper and beat his ass....

Stay in your center.
R. Masters