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5/24/2007 6:29pm,
Is there anyone out there in B.S land who has has this problem?

Recently my wife and I were sparring at our TKD class, when she landed funny and hurt her big toe. As it turned out, she actually broke her big toe near the base. My wife had a fair idea what was wrong with her toe but the doctor couldn't make up his mind so he wanted to get more scans/x-rays done, as this was going to start costing big money my wife approached our TKD club in enquire about insurance to help cover some of the cost. My wife was given the clubs policy number and told to ring the insurance company herself, which she did and had papers sent out to her.

About a week after this our master/instructor turns up on our doorstep and asks how my wifes toe is, after we tell him it is going fine he says thats great, but I think it would be best if you didn't come back to the club again as you have vialated my trust. Now I think this was a bit over the top as we only made an enquiry about insurance and as it turned out we never even put in a claim, the papers are still sitting at home.

Was enquiring about insurance a dumb ass thing to do, or do we have the right too considering that the club has to have insurance to operate?

I did ask our ex-master/instructor if one of the many children he has in the club hurts themselves and their parents want to go down the insurance path, would they also be told not to come back, he couldn't answer that question or even look at me.

5/24/2007 6:30pm,
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5/24/2007 6:30pm,
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5/24/2007 6:40pm,
That's why you pay insurance... for accidents...
If your instructor was OK taking the money off you for insurance, he shouldn't have taken it personally.
As for violating his trust... dramatic over-reaction.
I don't know if accidents in his club count against him in some way with his higher-ups.

Did you ask the guy why he thought you'd violated his trust?
It wasn't like you went behind his back... you asked about it at the club... he should have raised any objections (unfathomable as they are) there and then.

Bizarre behaviour.

5/24/2007 6:41pm,
How, exactly, did you "violate his trust"? Did you agree with him to never make an insurance claim or something?

From that story, he sounds like a douche...and anyway, not being in TKD is always a good thing.

5/24/2007 7:11pm,
The guy is pissed because he knows his rates are going to go up. Don't kid yourself..an 'inquiry' is more than enough of an excuse for the insurance company to jack up his rates. A simple 'inquiry' got our car insurance jacked up a couple of years ago..fucking insurance companies!
I don't get the 'violation of trust' thing, but he sounds like a dink anyways. Go train somewhere else.

5/24/2007 11:16pm,
We apprantly violated his trust because when we first joined the club we had to fill out a form with our name, address, age, fitness level etc on it and when we signed the bottom it was a waiver. I can't remember now but it doesn't matter as I think he has done us a favour by telling us not to come back.

It wasn't just my wife and I that had to leave, it was also our two children as well.

5/25/2007 12:50am,
Waivers aren't worth **** legally anyway. The guy is a douche, you're better off training with someone else.

Also, in a different style.

5/25/2007 1:23am,
I have changed style, now starting GKR Karate.

5/25/2007 3:14am,
I have changed style, now starting GKR Karate.
If you're talking about Go Kan Ryu, I hope that was a joke...

Check your GKR insurance... it is "fault-based". This is not a good thing for the student, but great thing for GKR.

There are many threads on here about GKR.
None of them complimentary.

Some threads:

I have to point out that the quality of instruction varies from club to club... but the upshot is that it's bastardised shotokan/goju. And not the good kind of bastard, either.

This thread should now be titled "Pointless compliant non-contact pyramid marketing posing as karate Concern".
Run. Away. Now.

5/25/2007 4:29am,
I have changed style, now starting GKR Karate.

I hope you are joking.

5/25/2007 7:59am,
Your instructor is out of his tree. The waiver you signed only limits liability (sorta) if you choose to sue - it does nothing in the case of an insurance claim.

As for the violation of trust thing - I can only think that this comes from his perception of what happened when the incident occured. For example, if your wife was performing a technique that was too complicated for her current level of training, or had been told to not do that specific move and did it anyways, got injured and then asked for money to cover the injury, the instructor might percieve that as a breech of trust. We have also seen a case where one of my husband's students (not at our club, he was teaching at a big MA club for a while) was injured during a normal class, to the point that she did not want to continue her training. She went to the school to be let out of her contract, and they would not release the contract because she did not have a doctor's note saying that she couldn't continue. She then told the club that the injury was caused by my husband's negligence and that she would sue if they did not give her money back. This was completely untrue, and she said as much to my husband, but she used that as leverage to get out of her contract. In that case, when she showed up at another school wanting to train, Patrick would not take her on - she had proven she was willing to manipulate when she wanted to, and he couldn't take the risk of actually getting sued.

SO, not to justify the instructor's actions, but there may be a reason he percieves a breech of trust here. And if there is no valid reason, than I agree, he did you a favour - move on and find a club with fewer looneys running it.

Teh El Macho
5/25/2007 9:13am,
Your instructor is fucking ghay and stupid. "Violated my trust?" What the ****? You asked if it was ok to contact the insurance, and he said yes... he even gave you the policy number. That's just a weak way to kick you and your family out to avoid additional costs. Violating trust my ass.

And you and your family should have your OWN insurance (specially since you are parents). Otherwise, you shouldn't be putting yourselves in potential harm's way without coverage.

5/29/2007 1:29am,
For Areochick,

The incident happened one night in an extra class when we were sparring and my wife just landed the wrong way.

As it's turned out we are only out of pocket $60 (au) so there is no need to proceed with the insurance, as I mentioned first off, it was only an inquiry regarding the medical expense's as the doctor was talking of scans/x-rays that cost a lot of money, then it didn't happen but we were asked not to come back.

Thank you to the people who have offered their advice on the subject.

Is anyone out there going the the U.S open 5th & 6th July in Florida?

5/29/2007 4:20am,
I have changed style, now starting GKR Karate.

This is not an improvment.

5/29/2007 4:58am,
Insurance concerns? Yep. Always be concerned about insurance companies.

They tend to accuse you of being a terrorist and then sack you. Bastards