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8/28/2003 1:37am,
What do you listen to before you spar to get you pumped?

8/28/2003 8:01am,
First of all, I think you're missing the point of sparring. It is to get yoru body ready and trained to react to another persons aggressive actions towards you. Why should you need music for this?

A person should be ready to fight at any given moment, and shouldn't have to get "pumped" to do it.

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8/28/2003 8:10am,
I see Both sides to this. Sometimes yeah, it is a way to get psyched. But silence it golden when focusing.
I had one instrcutor who would blast dance music while we spared. I hated it! I couldn't focus or hear him instruct.

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EBMAS - S4v4G3
8/28/2003 8:12am,
The Wind...

8/28/2003 8:44am,
...i just had this odd image of a cut creatin' Dojo DJ rockin' da house with his bomb needle drops while i fight to the beat...

i shut up now

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8/28/2003 11:20am,
No I didn't really mean pumped I meant like ready for the fight. It gets you kind of excited but still focused on what you're doing it just kind of gives you that extra jolt of energy.

8/28/2003 11:29am,
I don't take capoiera

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8/28/2003 11:32am,
yanni, kenny g, john tesh (greatest hits of course)

8/28/2003 11:42am,
First I pop in a Slayer CD and turn the volume all the way up. I begin pacing around in a circle, beating my chest and screaming, "KILL!" for about 3 minutes, then I draw my knife and slice myself across the chest a couple of times.

After this, I generally start screaming obscenities at my sparring partner and lick all the blood off of my knife. At this point, I have these chicks who are dressed in leather bikinis slap me repeatedly in the face.

After a few minutes of this, I'm pretty much ready to spar (if my sparring partner hasn't already fled the building, which happens to me alot for some reason).

8/28/2003 11:44am,
Nice maybe I should try that.

8/28/2003 1:07pm,
i like to watch a little porn before sparring, you might want to try that too :)

just be sure not to rub one out, it's the sexual frustration that gives you that extra sum sum.

M'kay? Great. Alright then. Buh-bye.

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Xuanlong Xian
8/28/2003 2:13pm,
James Brown

8/28/2003 9:39pm,
depends on what kind of mood i'm in. if i'm already agressive and hyper, then i'll put in something a little slower to focus myself a bit more. otherwise i put in something fast like punk or ska. some of the best psyching music out there. but usually i don't listen before i spar. i just go.

8/28/2003 10:27pm,
we have a randori/sparing session where judoka and bjj-ists train together. We play techno music and the feedback is generally good.
You first don't notice it, but once you have been going for half an hour or so the music does help.
I also think that for the mental preparation before a fight at a tournament, music can be an important part of your preparation.
However - it is important that you adjust the choice to your music to the state of excitement/nervousness you are in. Many people become very nervous whilst waiting for their bouts and music which is then too stimulating can be non-productive. Other people become almost apathic and then music can 'wake them up ' again.

9/01/2003 12:13am,
There's a very long thread on this somewhere on the board.

My own search lead me to Rammstein, Drowning Pool, Linkin Park, Metallica, and Slipknot.

Some songs to get you started are:
Drowning Pool - Bodies, The man without fear
Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
Linkin Park - One Step Closer
Rammstein - Asche zu Asche, Du Hast, and Feuer Frei
Godsmack - Keep Away
Rob Zombie - just about anything
Saliva - Click Click Boom
Soulfly - Bring It

Notice a theme? :)

After this, you should be ready to slam your head (or your opponent's) through a brick wall. :D

9/01/2003 12:17am,
My instructor always has the hip-hop station on. I don't really have a choice in the matter.

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