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5/18/2007 11:45am,
Does anyone know of any grappling tournaments in the South East US other than the NAGA US Nationals coming up in June? Preferably some that will be coming along in late july or august? Trying to search t3h Interwebs pretty much only finds me stuff about NAGA.

5/18/2007 12:19pm,
mma.tv has a list of grappling events by area.

5/18/2007 12:37pm,
Awesome! Thanks.

Teh El Macho
5/18/2007 1:07pm,
FYI, Renato Tavares is organizing the Atlantic Cups here in Florida, and they have had two tourneys already, one in Miami and another one in Orlando (I believe there are two more for 2007.)

5/18/2007 1:42pm,

Grappling competition coming up in July in Richmond, VA.

Followed by the Combat Sports Challenge 21 MMA event.

Should be a good time, there was a comp. last month and it had a good turnout.

5/18/2007 1:59pm,
How about Super Slam which is right in GA. Its in Grovetown but its on May 26, not in June but they have more later in GA too.



5/18/2007 4:59pm,
Yeah, I found that one right away after the second post in this thread pointed me over there. I can't make the III but I'm going to try for the one after that. I'm really looking forward to trying out all this fancy grappling **** I've been learning against people other than my friends and the guys at HC.