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5/05/2007 5:24pm,
I'm been doing MT for almost 1 yr, and it's time to go the ground. I did a search and only found one "bjj noob" thread, and I saw aesopian's nuggets of advice. Anything else I need to know, or threads I should be reading? I start tomorrow so I want to read up on anything that may prove useful.

5/05/2007 5:25pm,
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5/08/2007 6:11pm,
I am shocked noone has replied. Well, time to go be a mat spaz.

5/08/2007 6:21pm,
Good luck, man. Let us know how it goes.

My only advice is, this early, just concentrate on positioning and sweeps. The subs will come soon enough.

5/08/2007 6:34pm,
Dammit, was putting some stuff together but forgot to post it. This is a preliminary:


5/08/2007 6:55pm,
wear a cup & bring some tape. expect some mat burns.

5/08/2007 7:30pm,
You will be mat fodder for at least a year. Get used to it, accept it, use the time to learn.

Welcome to the dark side.

5/08/2007 8:10pm,
As long as you warm up before working on techniques you should be fine. Advil or Aleve work good afterwards. Try not to tense up too much. Remember to tap.

I don't like to wear a cup myself but its a good idea if you're worrying more about protecting your groin than getting the moves down. Don't roll with Mongo the Mat Spaz for a while though.

5/08/2007 8:50pm,
and don't be Mongo the Mat Spaz, ever ...

Res Judicata
5/08/2007 9:13pm,
Learn to do the little things well and you'll eventually do the big things well. You can never know the basics too well.

Blue Negation
5/08/2007 9:24pm,
Don't be a technique collector like I was till recently!

Focus on a handful of techniques for each position that flow together well. Experiment a bit to see which ones suit you, but don't get caught up in the experiments. Basics basics basics, just like in Muay thai.

5/08/2007 11:42pm,
Thanks for the replies and the links. I just got back from my first training session (which was no-gi, I don't have a gi yet). It was definitely different than anything I have done before (I have no grappling experience), but it is challenging, and I can see myself really getting into it. The instructor is good (he trained under marcus soares) and everyone seems nice, but serious about training. I got a few mat burns, and I am sore in a few places, but I want to really try and understand grappling technique and get all I can from it. Do most of you here train Gi or No gi? There's 2 no gi classes a week, 2 gi, so I need to get a gi to get the full amount of classes possible

Blue Negation
5/09/2007 12:29am,
I train both. I recommend doing both.

5/09/2007 12:45am,
Do what you want to do. I do both because I enjoy both.

P.S. Take notes every class. It will help you recall moves and stuff much better than trying to work from memory alone. And if you want to help Bullshido, get a supporting membership and start a training log in the Black Belt Club, the feedback from members will definitely help you out - I know it did for me.

P.P.S. Ask questions all the time with people you're rolling with who are better than you. It'll help them feel more comfortable giving you advice, which you definitely need.

5/09/2007 11:49am,
Yeah, I'm always asking questions of my partners when I'm even a little bit unsure.

5/09/2007 11:57am,
Position, position, position. This is the most important thing in grappling. Knowing hundreds of submissions doesn't mean a damn thing if you can never get yourself in position to use them. And to be honest, if you are a master of positioning, you don't even need hundreds of submissions. You can just use a few basic ones.

As far as gi/no gi, I generally train with gi most of the time but not all. I like to joke that here in Seattle, it is much more representative of a street situation where people are wearing rain jackets ten months out of the year. (Collar choke for the win!)