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5/01/2007 12:35pm,
"The Fight Network is the best source to get your "FIGHT FIX". The Fight Network airs a combination of the best fight programming available globally. Mixed martial arts programming includes Montrealís TKO and Rumble on the Rock from Hawaii. Boxing programming includes Ballroom Boxing and Guilty Boxing. Our wrestling stable includes Ring of Honor and Memphis Wrestling. The amazing programming continues with Tough-Guy Cinema, the best underground fight movies from around the world. The Fight Network is quickly becoming the number one worldwide brand for combatant sports."

I'm watching David Loiseau vs Jeremy Horn right now.

Joost is an internet TV application that lets you stream TV shows on demand.

As soon as I get some invites to Joost (http://www.joost.com), I'll give them out to anyone who wants one...

5/01/2007 1:16pm,
i'd be down.


5/01/2007 1:17pm,
I'd like an invite, if you can spare one.

5/01/2007 3:10pm,
send me PM's instead. looks like it will open up for public consumption pretty soon now.... they just signed CNN for launch....