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8/24/2003 6:03pm,
At approximately 5pm on the evening of 8-23-03 a man entered a popular woman's clothing store in Los Angeles and spent 2 hours trying on different outfits. After changing in to several "summer dresses", he made a final selection and went into the dressing room with a yellow halter top and mini-skirt.

According to an employee of the store, a few minutes passed and then he charged out of the dressing room, wearing the outfit (opting for pink tennis shoes rather than high-heels) and ran out of the store. Store security attempted to apprehend him in the parking lot, but he used a serious of "martial arts moves" to ward them off and proceeded to flee the scene.

Police caught up with him a few minutes later, running down an alleyway, at which point he paused long enough to strip off all of his clothing. According to police sources, a K-9 unit was on the scene and the police dog brought him down after biting him in "the genital region". He was somehow able to wrestle free from the animal and continued to flee.

The police searched the area for an hour, but were unable to locate him. "It's like he just vanished into thin air", stated the incredulous K-9 Officer. The only leads they have to go on so far is the man's physical description, and a name he used in the store. Store employees said that he asked them to call him "grego".

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8/26/2003 4:04am,

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8/26/2003 8:08am,
grego? HA!

This must be some guy from the local ninja school...did a disappearing "thing" on the dog! lol

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8/26/2003 12:52pm,
poor dog

Hard Work, Patience, Dedication

Fighting Multiples - http://bullshido.com/article_read.asp?id=162


8/26/2003 6:25pm,
Taking cross training to its logical conclusion.

8/27/2003 6:02am,
That was cold. Funny, but cold.

8/28/2003 5:02pm,
The gays and/or cross dressers know skills we don't know of! Could this be Judgement day?