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4/20/2007 7:46pm,
Cage Rage is the #1 MMA promotion in the world. If you can catch any events you should!

Gary Turner (225) vs. David "Tank" Abbott (293)
Ivan Serati (203) vs. Vitor Belfort (205)
Cyborg (204) vs. James Zikic (202)
Michael McDonald (216) vs. James McSweeney (236)
Murilo Rua (185) vs. Alex Reid (183)
Daijiro Matsui (182) vs. Mark Weir (183)
Roman Webber (205) vs. Mark Epstein (205)
Paul Jenkins (169) vs. Paul Daley (170)
Ross Pointon (170) vs. Abdul Mohamed (170)
Cyrille Diabate (203) vs. Ryan Robinson (203)
Alex Owen (144) vs. Brad Pickett (Pictures) (145)
Xavier Foupa-Pokam (183) vs. Tom Watson (185)
Sunnat Ilyasov (177) vs. James Nicholl (185)

Haha! Alex Reid dressing like a 'ninja' and winning his fight against Muilo Rua before it starts!

Their site needs some serious aesthetic work.

Tank steps in to replace Bob Sapp against Thai striker Gary Turner. Turner by KO. Whenever Vitor Belfort fights we always wonder which Vitor will show up. We also wonder if he is on steroids as well, England doesn't test for it presently. Chute Boxe brawler 'Cybord' comes to throw his fists like it is going out of style, if the fight stays standing he could get the KO. Matsui visits from Japan, if the Wizard can keep this standing he wins by TKO, otherwise Matsui can very well secure a submission win against Mark Weir's weak ground game. Roman Webber looks like he's in the card to get knocked out by Mark Epstein he swings lustfully as well. Paul 'Semtex' Daley can problably win by KO with his strong MT skills if he keeps his fight standing. Alex Owen is undefeated at 15-0 in MMA, this will be a tough test for Brad 'One-Punch' Pickett who once held the CR title for his weight class.

LOL ROSS POINTON! Should be a great event, catch it if you can.

4/20/2007 11:03pm,
Too bad Bob Sapp isn't fighting in the card any more. I guess tank is the only guy who could step up this late.

4/21/2007 8:26am,
These fights are all in Manchester which is a bit of a hike.

4/21/2007 1:02pm,
The first sentence should say the CR is the #1 in England.

4/21/2007 2:29pm,
These fights are all in Manchester which is a bit of a hike.

Eh? I thought UFC was in Manchester and Cage Rage 21 was in London?

4/21/2007 3:28pm,
Yeah, I think CR is going to be held at Wembley Arena.

4/22/2007 6:45am,
OK my bad.

4/22/2007 7:07pm,
Anyone see it then?

4/22/2007 7:23pm,
I did not, but I read about it. Sounded okay.

4/22/2007 7:34pm,
Tank at 293? jesus. I wonder what year he trained last.

4/22/2007 9:14pm,
Mcdonald the kickboxer? Would be interesting to see him in a MMA fight

4/22/2007 10:58pm,
Mcdonald the kickboxer? Would be interesting to see him in a MMA fight
It was actually a kickboxing fight. The black sniper did fight MMA once in a K-1 Beast event (vs ryoto machida), and he lost. I hope we see him in K-1 USA again soon, I have always liked his style. He must be approaching retirement age though, he's like 42 or somewhere around there.

4/22/2007 11:04pm,
Yeah I love watching him fight he is such a precise striker. Very, very technical and can string together like 6-7 hit combos.

4/23/2007 12:02am,
Fuckin Sapp backing down again.

4/23/2007 6:02am,
Well done to Gary Turner for winning. I heard Alex Reid got a nasty injury early in his fight though, so I hope it's nothing too serious.

4/23/2007 8:33am,
How did Belfort look? Is the mythical Real Belfort on his way back?