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john joe
4/19/2007 9:15am,
UFC 70: Nations Collide press conference (1)

Just got back from this…

The conference took place in a the five-star Lowry hotel in Manchester city centre on Thursday 19th April @ 14:00 GMT.

Representatives of both British and international media were there to hear UFC president Dana White and fighters from the card give some opinions and field some questions.

Mike Bisping was the subject of a lot of the media attention, which is understandable as he will be fighting in front of a home town crowd on Saturday night.

His opponent will be journeyman Elvis Sinosic who, despite wins over the likes of Jeremy Horn, has failed to live up to early promise.

Sinosic denied he was there as a makeweight opponent, and said he had come to fight and to win.

Asked by one journo if he was going to stand and trade with Bisping, he said he was comfortable wherever the fight ended up. He expressed admiration for Mike Bisping and said he thought it would be a good fight on Saturday.

At this point, to the amusement of the room, Bisping butted in, pointing out that as well as the hometown crowd, his son and mother would also be there to watch him fight for the first-time.

"look, he's a nice guy" he said of Sinosic, "but he lost to all them guys and he is going to lose to me. no way am i losing in front of my home crowd and family. Stick your bets on me because it's a safe bet".

Sinosic was laughing but seemed a little embarrassed.

Some White, Verdum and Gonzage quotes to follow later but for now I've got to get on with writing work news…