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4/16/2007 4:56pm,
Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a good martial art school in Ottawa-Gatineau area. I read about how Fang Shen Do Kung FU sucks here so I decided to avoid that school. However, I am not too knowledgeable about MA and need some guidance.

Jiu jitsu caught my interest and I was wondering if Therien Jiu jitsu was good. They seem to me in the same branch of McDojo super promoted self proclaimed martial artist as Fang Shen Do. Am I wrong ?

Anyway, Im interested in striking, grappling and weaponry. Perhaps a more mixed martial art approach would be best... If so, where can I subscribe in the region ?

Thanks a lot for your help. I appreciate it.

4/16/2007 7:03pm,
Well if you're interested in striking AND grappling, an MMA school would definitely be best. For weapons, I guess Krav Maga if you want realism (though most Krav schools are über-BS) or Wushu or something if you want demo stuff.

4/16/2007 7:07pm,
I know diddly boo about your area, but the following are some names and addresses for schools that teach martial arts of styles generally approved by people on this board:

Sambo Centre D'Entrainement Et De Conditionnement Physique
1484 Scott Street
Ottawa, ON K1Y 2N4, Canada
(613) 761-6460

Thai Boxing Academy
306 Rideau Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 5Y5, Canada
(613) 233-6981

Therien Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing
21 Selkirk Street
Vanier, ON K1L 6N1, Canada
(613) 746-5402
you asked about this place, and the link on google is to a MT kickboxing federation--could be good

Beyond that, go take an intro class, see if you'll like the schools. Good luck