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8/21/2003 2:58am,
You just can't make this stuff up.

this one you just have to see the clip (http://www.escribic.de/escribic-video.htm)

Some people will whore anything for a dime.

8/21/2003 3:12am,
I think I'm going to cry.

8/21/2003 3:24am,
LoL from hearing the beat and watching that **** i am about to go partyboy!

deus ex machina
8/21/2003 3:25am,
Why God, why?


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8/21/2003 5:03am,
VOMIT! This is the sickest **** I've seen for ages

8/21/2003 7:14am,
i dont think this is a martial art, it`s a aerobic .

Here at kuala lumpur, we also have this kind of work out(eventough it originally came from MA, this thing doesnt teach self defence). my place got something called taerobic (basiclly the some of the body movement are taken from taekwondo),

but take note. that in here they stated it clear that it`s not anyform of self defence.

the webpage is not in english so i could`nt understand what writen there, do they say anything about MA/self defence...??

8/21/2003 7:30am,
I don't even know what to say.

The "Kung-Fu Fighting" theme music was priceless.

I guess this is the alternative to the Dog Brothers.

8/21/2003 8:16am,
Damn it doesn't get any more wrong than that. They are in Germany too! Aghhh!

By the way, the announcer talked about a new, inivative way to mix escrima and aerobics together. He said the sticks are special too.

I bet his students get to see his special stick.

8/21/2003 8:43am,
I laughed, I cried, I kissed 5 minutes of my life good-bye. Thank you for sharing as my day was in a dumper and that **** made me laugh.

8/21/2003 8:56am,
looks cool, now only a some vasaline and you have great,great,GREAT fun.

8/21/2003 10:58am,
I...I'm ashamed to be German.

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8/21/2003 11:13am,
Still ain't no http://www.yellowbamboo.com

8/21/2003 11:19am,
Are you Yellow Bamboo?

8/24/2003 2:48pm,
jesus good lord christ on a scooter

how dare they dirty the good name of escrima

utter swines

8/24/2003 8:23pm,
It kind've reminds me of the maculÚlÚ dance taught in capoeira. Except that the maculÚlÚ dance is a traditional afro brazillian dance and not a bastardisation of martial arts.

8/26/2003 3:54am,
That is all kinds of wrong....
I can't think of a word gay enough to describe this.

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