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4/11/2007 8:22pm,
Just curious if Ray Sarkine has a name in the Muay Thai world or if he was trying to put on airs. I chatted with him tonight, and my opinion could swing either way.


4/12/2007 1:07pm,
What I suggest you do is try "google". God (or google) made search functions for a reason... .. when you do use them, usually a whole bunch of information is displayed that you could look at....If you don't use them bad things happen, especially to NOOBs.

4/12/2007 1:10pm,

4/12/2007 1:41pm,
A search function is infinitely less informative than talking to a guy who's fought him or his students. When choosing who to trust my training to, I like first-hand information, not a bunch of articles and statistics.

Besides, some things must be weighed against one another. For instance, the world rankings of his students tend to be 1-2 or 1-1. So is he bad because they often have losing records, or is he good because his students are ranked among the IKF World Amateurs? I don't know the integrity of the program, so looking at a bunch of pretty numbers doesn't mean much.

I don't fight in the IKF, so I don't know anything about it. You can be a jackhole and call me a noob because I belong to a different organization, or you can be informative and helpful for 5 minutes of your life.

Edit: A third option: you could simply let people with something worth saying speak.

El Neko
4/12/2007 4:15pm,
you're gonna enjoy your ride and last very long among us my friend

4/12/2007 6:01pm,
If you talked to him, why didn't you ask him all these things. Also, go over and try it out, thats the real acid test. Don't take someone else word for it.

4/12/2007 9:45pm,
I asked him several questions, but when it comes to his record he was too self-important to get a real answer from him. He described the success of his school thusly: "I'm the guy who teaches guys who go out and bring home Golden Gloves and world championships every year..." Then he explained how all these martial arts masters won't go near Muay Thai boxers and how the good ones all practice Muay Thai on the side.

Once again, it might be true. But I can't find the info online, so I wanted to know if anyone has experienced Ronin Gym's fighters to see if he trains as well as he talks. Because if he's just average, then I couldn't stand his attitude long enough to train there. If he's as good as he says he is, though, I could buckle down and let him be a tool.

4/24/2007 12:28am,
Well here you go. I trained with Ray for almost 4 years, and I was "Let Go" because of some differences my girlfriend (she was also a student) and he had. As long as you can look past all of his BS sessions after class and his advice on how you should live your life, you should be fine. He does have a very well structured class setup, and I am glad that I went to his school to learn the basics of fighting. And I am just as glad to not be a part of his school as well. I could keep going and going about the good and the bad and I would probably come up with more bad than good but...... The good things I learned were and are very helpful.

5/01/2007 7:34pm,
That's really good to know, Drifter. I'd already decided to forego the school, despite the nice structure I saw. It reinforces my decision to know that the owner screws around with people's personal lives on that level. Granted, my Master will punish you for being a jerk outside the dojang, but he doesn't take revenge on students by kicking their friends out.

6/08/2007 8:24pm,
I have first hand knowledge because I have been there at the school as well. I've been studying Karate in the Indianapolis area for over 10 years. My instructor and I have both met Mr. Sarkine and were impressed. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and the very first to admit that muay Thai wasn't for everyone. My Sensei tells me his reputation among instructors is top notch and that he's been teaching here for over 20 years. That says an awful lot. Sounds like "DRIFTER" admits the training was pretty good too. He says he was there for over 4 years. You don't stay anywhere 4 years unless you're happy with it. As far as the rest goes, it sounds like disgruntled ex student crap. I've never heard of a student ever being asked to leave a school without their being some kind of real moral or ethical problem. If I was interested in Muay Thai Ray would be the guy to teach it. Our school was asked to match Ray's gym in a donation they just gave to a local children’s hospital. Ray's club gave over a $1000. Our dojo is much smaller and we gave what we could but the fact that Mr. Sarkine works on behalf of local charities also says a lot about his character.

7/11/2007 5:05pm,
I am a current and long time student at Indianapolis Martial Arts club. I am very happy with the school and I feel like it’s a top rated school and have heard other students say they really enjoy the training.

As far as JorusC comments no good fighter has a perfect record and I have seen many times people walk in and act like total dicks and Ray Sarkine had to get firm with them so he can get back to teaching class.

I saw a post by a person named “Drifter” and I know who you are and I have seen you go up to Ray Sarkine and ask him for advice and help about things. I know of your girlfriend and I recall that Ray had to kick you guys out of the school for being such cry babies.

I have seen the school grow bigger and bigger over the years I have been here and I really enjoy the training.

9/11/2007 10:37am,
I took a quick look at the IKF website i seen that ray sarkine's team came back with 4 wold titles in Muay Thai. Here is the link to the IKF website if you want to see for yourself- http://ikfkickboxing.com/WC07Results.htm
Well i think results speak for themselves...

11/01/2007 10:03pm,
Well now I will give my opinion of Mr. Sarkine. I trained at his school for about 2 years, He does have a very structered school, and he has been at that location for 20 years or so, so he does run a descent business, yeah right!!!! When I first started at Ronin Gym I was in Aw of Mr. Sarking I had never seen Muay Thai up close until then. He would brag about how he was the youngest world champion in History, and how he knocked out some Navy Seal and through him down the stairs. Oh, he would also talk about being Buddhist, now the way I look at it throwing people down the stairs is not practicing the Buddhist religion. This guy is a brain washing fool, he will tell students that nobody will fight his students in the city because they are scared, he tries to make sure he has some type of control in his students life, this guy thrives off of weak minded students. I still don't know who tought this guy Muay Thai he would never tell us. I actually thought I was a good Muay Thai fighter until I found another school in INDY, I found out pretty quick how good I was, and then began improving considerably with correct technique, and crazy power in my kicks. Take my advice and look around, you will definitely find a more friendly, accredited school.