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8/20/2003 9:07am,
Sorry if this has been posted previously, but this site is so incredible it can't be ignored.


10th Degree Black Belt
The highest authority in the Art of Atemi-Jitsu
and Koguchi Atemi-Jitsu Cobra Te
in the USA and Worldwide"


"Soke Dr. Grandmaster I. Soto
8-Time World Kumite Undisputed Champion"

This guy's bio is unreal in its entertainment value.

8/20/2003 9:28am,
39 other high ranking belts..... WHO_FA!!!


8/20/2003 9:35am,
i think it was posted before
this guy is such a joke it isn't funny.....

Hard Work, Patience, Dedication

Fighting Multiples - http://bullshido.com/article_read.asp?id=162

8/20/2003 9:47am,

8/20/2003 9:58am,
just for the hell of it I googl searched for international kumite - it only linked to Shotokan tournies... and not in Japan, in the US, oh well...

Sam Browning
8/20/2003 10:00am,
A review of one of Soto's books is posted at http://www.bestjudo.com/article13.shtml The review compares him to Frank Dux which dare I say, is not a good thing.

Beneath Contempt
8/20/2003 10:08am,
I just love the title of that Best Judo web page.

"Bad Martial Arts Books"


8/20/2003 10:31am,
That site has to be a joke. I will allow no other explnation to pollute my reality.

8/20/2003 10:36am,
Soke Professor Grandmaster Irving Soto was born in the Bronx, New York in 1954. His parents moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1956. One day his mother took him to the Laundromat to do her laundry, there was this Oriental man called Tashioshi which he owned and operated the Laundromat. In the Laundromat he operated he taught free classes in the back--which he taught only certain kids in the neighborhood; and the classes later on were called Jiu-Jitsu. While his mother traveled back and forth from Brooklyn to Chinatown working, she used to leave her son with a Chinese man who he later found out to be a Shaolin Monk which he taught Kung Fu.

I swear to God, there are so many jokes I could make right now, but every one ends with Soke Soto being molested in an alleyway while his mother reads Redbook.


--Fatality Dragon

Sam Browning
8/20/2003 11:15am,
Another Shaolin monk story, those guys are everywhere! Seriously, in the 1960s Robert W. Smith was only able to find one guy on Taiwan who had actually trained at the Shaolin temple, and he was there for two years. (Donald F. Draeger and Robert W. Smith, "Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts", (Kodansha International, Tokyo, 1969, 1980) p. 46 So lets assume that Smith missed a couple people on Taiwan, still what are the chances that Soto would have actually run into a real Shaolin monk in NYC in the early 1960s? About the same of him being hit by a meteor I'd say.

8/20/2003 11:22am,
so frank dux won the secret KUMITE , and he won the super ultra secret kumite.

I want to get this DUX and SOTO were both the only white person to ever win the Kumite, never defeated. Was this covered in the movie, was SOTO CHUNG LEE?

He was the only GAIJIN instructor in japan wasn't that SEGAL .... I am getting dizzy ..... hold on , ok better now
come on BOYD with the ALLY crack, it was the back of the LAUDRY MAT .

To follow the SENSEI withthout question is like walking down the train tracks with eyes closed and earplugs....its gonna get you killed.

8/20/2003 11:24am,
So we have a China man, not only a China man, but a Shaolin Monk, whom happens to teach Jujutsu......... truely amazing.

8/20/2003 11:28am,
SAM B -still what are the chances that Soto would have actually run into a real Shaolin monk in NYC in the early 1960s

Teaching JuJitsu for free in the back of the laundry he worked in no less. A SHOALIN MONK with a japanese name teaching a japanese art.

To follow the SENSEI withthout question is like walking down the train tracks with eyes closed and earplugs....its gonna get you killed.

Sam Browning
8/20/2003 12:09pm,
Well Kempocos, lets see. Lets assume this unnamed monk was not seventy or more years old when Irv met him and had to have trained at the temple sometime in the 20th century. Lets also make the assumption that because he was a monk that implies he stayed some time at the temple and wasn't simply someone who passed through for a month or two or learned the art off site.

My understanding is that there were very few full monks at the Temple itself during the 20th century until the PRC decided to fix it up at some point during the last several decades. So estimate the number of Shalin monks between 1900 and 1970 (I'd be shocked if it was more then 200 total) Then figure that most never left China. If they did they would be most likely to end up in Hong Kong or Taiwan, then California, and then possibly New York because NYC does have a large Chinatown.

Even if one programs the numbers in Irv's favor I can't see more then 1 or 2 monks in the United States during this time period and you would have to assume that they never revealed themselves to Black Belt Magazine or any other martial artist who would have remembered their presence, since I've never read a mention of such monks in America before the very recent present.

Add to this the fact that very few Chinese were teaching westerners in the United States during the 1960s, Kung Fu was viewed as something not to be shared with westerners because of the past imperialistic acts committed by the Western powers on Chinese soil. As a matter of fact Ark Yuey Wong was generally considered the first to openly teach westerners in America in L.A.'s chinatown, with Bruce Lee being another pioneer in this regard.

So of 200 monks, possibly 10 leave the country, and possibly two end up in the US and one of them decides to teach a foreign kid like Irv who doesn't speak Chinese, and Irv makes lots of wild claims, the chances are unbelievably small.

8/20/2003 12:50pm,
What's wrong with this picture?


Aikido looks like it's written in three different kanji styles. Either that or it's by the worst calligrapher ever.

Look at the swords on the rack. I may be wrong, but I always thought that the blade edge is supposed to be up, not down as in the picture. I'm not a Soke Dr. Grandmaster so I could be wrong.

8/20/2003 2:25pm,
There is extensive discussion about this guy on E-budo. Some of his former students have posted there as well...

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